The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: Binge Amazon’s ‘The Boys’, forget about ‘The Kitchen’

More often than not, I go on Frank O. Pinion’s show, The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon, and recommend staying home over heading to the theater.

The big screen can be dwarfed by the smaller one at times, which is frequent over the past couple years.

Prime Example: During this week’s segment, I recommended an eight hour television show about corrupt superheroes being hunted down by vigilantes over a theatrical release about three gangster wives taking over the family business.

Antony Starr and Karl Urban headline the Amazon series, The Boys, which takes the superhero genre and flips it on its head for a dark, comedic yet serious satirical look at supernatural beings using their power for the opposite of good. It’s inventive, funny, wildly outrageous at times, and very violent. Based on a comic series, it’s must watch stuff.

The Kitchen is not. Poorly written and acted, I’d forget it ever existed or something. They should have gone for laughs here instead of painfully serious dramatics.

Hear the full segment right here.

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