The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: Watch ‘Into the Ashes’, skip ‘The Lion King’

This week on The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon, I joined Frank, Tim, Limey, and Dan Strauss to discuss the new movies and television shows available to the masses.

Before I dug into new stuff, Frank and I revisited the brilliance of “Yesterday” by tracking down how many Beatles songs are out there, how they are ranked, and if you can listen to all their songs inside a day. A caller spoke about a key twist in the film that counts as one of the best scenes of the year.

Jon Favreau’s “The Lion King” is a disposable remake, the kind that should only be released at a neighborhood bank so the teller can easily arrange the money and place it in Hollywood’s vault. Skip it and watch the 1994 original.

Next, I review Aaron Harvey’s creative and gritty indie thriller, “Into the Ashes,” starring Luke Grimes of “Yellowstone” and Frank Grillo from just about every other film in the past year. Harvey, whom I interviewed this week, aimed for a different kind of revenge film, one that felt fresh. I think he succeeded and recommend it.

I discussed the “Top Gun: Maverick” and “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” trailers released this week, and dove into a few other movie things.

You can listen to all of it right here.

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