The Frank O. Pinion Radio Dose: ‘Point Blank’ is worth your time, ‘Crawl’ is not

This week, I had a Netflix Original movie and a theatrical release to review, and the lazy people are in luck. The Adam G. Simon-scripted and Joe Lynch-directed “Point Blank,” currently streaming on Netflix, is the better choice over the unintentionally funny, “Crawl.”

Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie, real life friends and Marvel veterans, star in the film as a career criminal and ER nurse forced to work together in a race against time, dirty cops, and drug dealers. Mackie’s nurse, Paul, has a pregnant wife who is kidnapped, and he must break Grillo’s murder suspect out of the hospital and help get him to his brother.

There’s Friedkin references, car wash fights, 80’s music, humor, action, and thrills. The film moves at a breakneck pace and finishes in satisfying fashion.

“Crawl,” for lack of a better term, comes off as silly, remote, and arbitrary.

Here’s the full segment.

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