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Live Musicians: Save me the political speech

Attention all touring acts this summer and fall, do me and many others a fucking favor. If you have a popular view on politics or the Presidential race, leave it in the fucking tour bus. Leave it on the IPad you are filling with notes for a book nobody will ever read because you didn’t include enough “Rock Star Fucking Party” diary moments. Save it for somewhere else because that person facing you in the lower bowl of the arena didn’t pay 120 dollars to be bored out of his or her fucking mind. Leave it alone.

We don’t care what you think. We don’t care who you think we should vote for or whether we should vote at all. You are a musician so act like one. The arena isn’t stuffed full because they wanted to hear a political debate. They have Anderson Cooper and a few hundred other faces who live and breathe the political world to tell them as they drift to sleep a few hours later. Your job is take all that pain away and PLAY! Play like never before. Treat that instrument in your hand like it’s Excalibur’s sword or something you can’t do without. Save us the political speeches that nobody wants to hear.

I respect Bruce Springsteen but when he stands there in the tightest fucking pants known to man on earth and preaches to us like a wannabe congressman, I feel like taking his guitar and smashing it over his head. He didn’t plan on using it for 15 minutes so I may as well break it in half over his tiny head. If you have something to say, stuff inside a song and play it. Half of your albums are political fireballs and that’s all good. Sing about it dude. Don’t preach it.  (more…)

Someone please put a sock in Donald Trump’s mouth

If you know me at all, you know I couldn’t give two shits about politics, don’t fully believe in God on earth and think of religious wars as futile excuses to blow shit up and put a name on it.

So I’m sorry if I couldn’t be more tired of hearing about Donald Trump’s latest speech, hair piece adjustment or stupid statement. When does a politician NOT make a stupid statement? When does a politician, elected or not, say something they will regret or not be able to back up later on? It’s an ongoing robotic robust pile of bullshit being handed to the hard working people of America for decades now. Does it matter who gets elected? Will they be anything resembling the person they were when the campaign started? NO.

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Screw Hilary Clinton too. She’s full of it. If she wins, it will be more about the first woman President than anything she will actually change. Do we really think she will reform health care, help schools or create more jobs with her personal touch? Go see crazy somewhere else. The table is full here.

I voted for Barack Obama twice and instead of seeing the valiant fiery speaker I watched for months up until the election back in 2008, I see a robot these days. One that has been twisted, turned, bent over backwards and reformulated into something else entirely. Presidents aren’t human until they make a speech following a school shooting or bombing. Then they talk to us like people for just a brief moment. Everything else is star spangled banners and baloney.

I wish I could be more heroic here and tell you that voting next year will make a different. Letting your voice be heard will only work if you vote for someone with a chance of winning. Somebody who has money.

Trump may have a shred of a chance because he is loaded and is colorful and has several parties interest. He’s a fantastic businessman, shrewd, Republican and can draw crowds with ease. I still don’t think he will win but hear about him every day.

The election is a year away and I have to hear every single update on these candidates. It’s annoying. Politics is something I know I can’t control so therefore I don’t donate much time to it. I’m sorry. You can get up in front of small crowds, make speeches and you are still as full of shit as the rest of us.

You want to know who I think makes differences and gets zero attention. City Alderman’s. Select mayors. A few dedicated suits at City Hall. People who don’t have a team of 50 following them around. The one’s who have to crawl around, scratch, sweat and reach for every nickle they use in their campaign. I can find some dignity in that. Presidential elections are a joke and always will be until an elected official proves me wrong.

Who are you voting for? You only have over 400 days to figure that out.

Rant over.