Live Musicians: Save me the political speech

Attention all touring acts this summer and fall, do me and many others a fucking favor. If you have a popular view on politics or the Presidential race, leave it in the fucking tour bus. Leave it on the IPad you are filling with notes for a book nobody will ever read because you didn’t include enough “Rock Star Fucking Party” diary moments. Save it for somewhere else because that person facing you in the lower bowl of the arena didn’t pay 120 dollars to be bored out of his or her fucking mind. Leave it alone.

We don’t care what you think. We don’t care who you think we should vote for or whether we should vote at all. You are a musician so act like one. The arena isn’t stuffed full because they wanted to hear a political debate. They have Anderson Cooper and a few hundred other faces who live and breathe the political world to tell them as they drift to sleep a few hours later. Your job is take all that pain away and PLAY! Play like never before. Treat that instrument in your hand like it’s Excalibur’s sword or something you can’t do without. Save us the political speeches that nobody wants to hear.

I respect Bruce Springsteen but when he stands there in the tightest fucking pants known to man on earth and preaches to us like a wannabe congressman, I feel like taking his guitar and smashing it over his head. He didn’t plan on using it for 15 minutes so I may as well break it in half over his tiny head. If you have something to say, stuff inside a song and play it. Half of your albums are political fireballs and that’s all good. Sing about it dude. Don’t preach it. 

Some day, during the past 50 years, musicians forgot what is most important during a live show. The music. Remember what people pay you to do. Remember why people avoid physical interaction with someone and stuff an earphone into their head and hit play for. They need a fucking escape. They are desperate for something that doesn’t tell them what to do. Bob Marley once said, “When it hits you, you feel no pain.” Now Bob could be a preaching little Buddha as well, but he knew what was important and didn’t rant for too long. It’s the music.

When Bruce Springsteen wanted to make a stand for the bathroom act(look it up yourself) and cancelled a show in North Carolina this spring because of it, I thought he should have his ass kicked or head examined(maybe both). Sure the law is flawed and discriminates, but why is this Springsteen’s responsibility? He is a musician. He is not a politician. Don’t act like one because the only people he pissed off are the 40,000-60,000 people who paid for that show and got nothing so Bruce could take a stand. What if he did that for a show you were going to?

One of the reasons I love The Dave Matthews Band is because they get on stage and play. No bullshit. Dave walks to the front, says “Good evening” and plays like never before. He is there to provide 2.5 hours of entertainment for his fans. No politics. I’ve seen him seven times and he doesn’t dump his political views on people(he saves that for people hanging out on boats in Chicago) on stage. He plays. He’s as high as a fucking kite so what can he possibly dispense that is of any worth? The man barely knows his feet are touching the ground. He doesn’t have to produce a mini episode of CNN.

Just sing. As Andrew Dice Clay once said during a skit on Barbara Streisand’s chatty live concert ass, we don’t care what you think. Just sing it you stupid ass!

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