The restrictive abortion bill is garbage

What ever happened to free will?

This week, The Missouri State House and Senate voted in favor of a restrictive abortion bill that would prohibit abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy.

In other words, what in the fuck is going on in this country, and in my state?! The bill prohibits abortions even in the severe cases of rape and incest. This is wrong on so many levels that the anger in my hands right now could blow up a keyboard. I usually stay far away from politics due to the fact that you usually get nowhere in an argument about old souls governing over civilians, but I just had to speak out about this latest batch of bullshit.

The House voted 110-44. The Senate voted 24-10. When Governor Mike Parson signs it, the bill goes immediately into effect. Since Alabama passed the same thing, Parson is eager to do it. What a creep.

First off, this is a complete demolition of women’s rights. You remember those sacred souls, right? The ones who give birth to children that continue to fill this planet with promise and hope. Why take their choices away and exhibit control over such a personal and fragile thing?

Doctors will face jail time for performing abortions if the bill passes. Women wishing to express their freedom will be seen as criminals for merely making a choice. Our state has gone completely to shit with this maneuver.

Here’s the thing. Without choice, life doesn’t really matter much. If you take away someone’s right to choose, what are we, and more importantly, where are we?

This is where political asshats will label me a liberal. Some kind of left wing idiot taking a pass from center ice and burying it in the net. I don’t have a political affiliation. I’ve voted for Democrats and Republicans before. Other times, I just don’t vote. It’s not a jerking motion for me at the voting booth. I break down people instead of looking at their party hat.

I come here as a concerned citizen. A Midwest kid trying to come to terms with a world that looks more foreign to him by the year. I would have thought lawmakers were beyond this sort of measure, a soul-crushing idea that takes the decision out of the hands of the person going through the pain and turmoil of it all.

So let’s play out a scenario. A woman is brutally raped. She later finds out she is pregnant, but if she doesn’t figure out what to do in eight weeks or less, the baby has to be born. She was sexually assaulted, her mind and body tainted and stained. So you want her to shake that all off and decide in around two months? A pregnancy can last 40 weeks. A damaged woman now gets 8 weeks to mull it over. Oh fuck right off!

There’s something wrong here, and I am sure more than a few of those voters know it. They raised their hand, guilty as charged, and agreed to a foolhardy plan. Parson will most likely sign the bill, and before the summer kicks off, women in Missouri will be stricken of their most sacred choice.

Evil walks in a few different disguises, but this time, the mask is clearly off.

There’s a great line in a movie called Narc, and while the plot doesn’t relate to abortion rights, it sure fits. “This has nothing to do with rules and regulations, and everything to do with right and wrong.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this restricted abortion law is white hot garbage. The stinky kind.

Trust me, we can do better by our women.

Pro-Life? Fuck that. I am pro choice.

7 thoughts on “The restrictive abortion bill is garbage

  1. The point is, you don’t understand it’s not a woman’s “right” once she is impregnated to decide wether her fetus should die. I don’t give a rats ass what a woman thinks about being pregnant, after all 98.5% of all abortions don’t include rape or incest! 60,000,000 unborn babies have been slaughtered since 1973, just think one of them could have been you! Now who gave you the “right” to be alive right now? You, or your mother not having an abortion. It’s called “life” before “liberty”, remember that next time your going to spew nonsense like this all over the internet.

    1. Dear Dylan,

      First, you can fuck right off. I will write whatever I want. Coming from a guy with a last name that comes off as “SHIT_LER,” I’ll proudly tell you create your website and spew your own nonsense about Pro Life.

      Who the fuck named you Captain of the Women’s Right team, anyway? It is a woman’s right, Shit Break. It will always be a woman’s right. It’s her body, her future, and her path. Without choice, life is fucking worthless. I am alive because my mother chose that, along with my father, you abysmal asshat. Choice should always come before life. It must be nice for you, a male, to tell a woman what to do with her body. Would you tell a woman to her face to go through this before history told you it was right? Do you have the balls to do that, Shit-Ler (I’m choosing to say your name like that, btw).

      I know what life and liberty are. I simply put them behind choice, especially when it comes to a woman and her body. Without them, who would be around? They do the work, asshole. Now, in your case, maybe that there was a better option.

  2. Well, when you start playing with a full deck, let me know what you think a women’s rights are. Because I certainly don’t have the right to kill someone right now, and neither do you! So, when you want to have a rational debate pertaining to women and how they have the definite right to kill future Americans, give me a holler. Also, you were right when you said “without choice life is worthless”, this applies especially to those 60 million unborn infants who never got a choice!

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