Why the Cardinals should wear navy blue caps for every road game

There’s one reason why the Cardinals should wear navy blue caps for every road game, and it’s simple. They are so much better than the red ones, and we are talking about St. Louis sports baseball addicts who pitch a tent of deep anger when the little things go wrong.

Mixing up the road cap colors was a bad idea. I respected the desire to be different and try to keep up with the modern times of “it’s not broke, but go ahead and fix it for no reason anyways” generation. Why can’t something as noble and badass as blue caps on a Cardinals team be so hard to maintain? It’s bad enough that the Cardinals can’t score runs consistently, but the uniform formation had to be screwed with. Stop.

Look at Jack Flaherty on the mound tonight, burning like a renegade through the Washington Nationals lineup. The same group of hitters that turned a St. Louis route into an orientation about how to overwork a bullpen with a ten run lead has run into a different Jack tonight. He’s blazing through the first nine with the ease of an ace, allowing one hit and striking out three. Would you rather see him sporting a red cap on the road? No thanks.

For a long time, there was no disagreement. Remember Ray Lankford sporting that blue batting helmet, right before he cracked a triple into the gap? Those were the days, the time when everything didn’t have to be updated. Do MLB baseball hats have to be like iPhones now? Sheesh.

As I type this, St. Louis is up 4-0 on the Nats, who took two of three from the Cards last week. A troublesome series that included one Washington ass-kicking and a couple deflating losses. With this Cardinals team, you don’t know which offense is showing up or how long the pitchers will last before relief is called upon?

Let’s get rid of the four inning starts that include unlucky bounces and timing, along with the lazy-looking red road caps. Home reds at Busch, road blues on the road, and the Sunday cap. What more do you need? Reasons and words shouldn’t be one of them.

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