The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment, Episode #78: ‘The Devil All The Time’ is a violent yet provocative Netflix gem

Sometimes, the light and the dark have to collide for a good film to be produced.

This week on an all new entertainment segment, you got to hear me rave about Antonio Campos’ new Netflix film, “The Devil All The Time.” It went in a few different directions and lost some speed along the way, but the message was stamped by the time I dished out my 3.5 A.R.D. rating for the film.

Frank and company were interested and slightly perplexed when I described the plot of the film, which surrounded a small town in Ohio with a violent edge called Knockemstiff, where an unlikely young hero squares off with dangerously persuasive preachers and predators.

I got a succinct Western vibe from this drama, which was a very good thing. The violence is brutal, but Donald Ray Pollock’s story holds true to the bone, lending the film a certain authenticity. If you need more to perk your interest, listen to the entire segment right here.

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