The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment #74: Netflix’s ‘Project Power’ is a fun pandemic diversion

Sometimes, you just need to watch a movie that doesn’t make sense and has a couple cringeworthy moments, yet makes you relax and laugh at the same time. Now, Netflix may be getting too good at this, because there was a film last year called “Bright” with Will Smith that was so bad, it was good.

“Project Power” isn’t nearly in that category, but it’s got a few holes for the movie cynics to poke through and get annoyed about. When you have a film centering around a magic pill that grants a civilian a superpower for exactly five minutes, some people are just going to roll their eyes. But I bought into it initially, due to the similarities to “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper. In that film, Cooper’s writer’s block-afflicted loner was able to unlock parts of his brain that allowed him to solve problems or learn at a very advanced level. In this Netflix blazing joint, the victims who swallow the pill don’t know what they will turn into, or be able to do. A giant blob, invisibility, or super-strength are some of the end games. Nobody knows. Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are trying to stop the people who made it, and are assisted by a clever young woman (Dominique Fishback).

A lot of fights, gunshots, and chases happen. It’s fun to watch and easy to forget about an hour later-but you don’t regret the time spent.

Here’s the full hour of The Large Morning Show in The Afternoon with Frank O. Pinion, where I reviewed “Project Power” and a few other movies and television shows. Enjoy and tune in next week for episode #75. Hint: I’ve done more than 75 segments (we hit three years in two months), but it’s been 75 weeks since I made it into the Critics Choice Awards group, formerly known as Broadcast Film Critics Association. That counts.

Have a good week.

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