South City Confessions, Volume #20: My simple plan for a better future involves voting with more accountability

“So much violence.” 

The ageless words of Kevin Costner’s Elliott Ness in Brian De Palma’s “The Untouchables” couldn’t have been more right today. I am talking about St. Louis, a place that has seen 24 homicide deaths in June alone. The crime is down slightly overall from last year, but the death rate is still too potent and unfortunate.

I really don’t care about skin color differentials here. Black on black crime doesn’t lessen the sadness for me. People still die at the end of these stories, most of them well below the age of 40. June, 2020 hasn’t been kind to St. Louis’ youth. All of those previously mentioned deaths have hit mostly men in their teenage years or 30’s at the oldest. Something’s wrong and I don’t know how to fix it. There is no one plan. Solo adventure.

I can tell you it starts at the lower levels of government, namely the ones in your city. While I’ve always held firm on the theory that Presidential voting is useless for civilians due to lobbyists and electoral college manipulation, city and small town voting folks can make true dents in their “oversight.” Taking serious care with your local office voting could lead to a more clean future. Don’t vote too quickly in the booth. Look it over. The municipalities and law office holders need to be kept in check at all times, no matter if their soul is black or just light blue.

Start there and see how it goes. Everyone is going to have their own idea of a fix, and if it happens to be similar to yours, they will pivot and create something else. We live in a world of “firsts,” people dying to be the first to break news. It doesn’t matter if the news could be detrimental to the subject’s family or friends; news is bulletproof right up until the send.

With Covid making comebacks all across the country, every person is going to have their summation of revenge prepared for the crime and injustice that has impacted the world. My simple plan is to vote better and hold everyone accountable. Little by little, brick by brick.

I don’t expect the crime rate to just plummet to the bottom immediately. It’ll take time. But if you want cleaner and safer streets, you need to get cleaner minds making the rules. Start at the small office and plow your way to the top.

I hate seeing such an abundance of death. The gun-related shootings. There have been more than a few Hueys losing their life before a 32th birthday is reached, and that’s just too painful to let go. If you just weep on it and move on, nothing changes. You must make it bother you for sometime.

I’m pissed off and my peaceful protest will take place at the voting polls from here on out. That’s the right place to be in order to make real change.

Have a good weekend,



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