The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment: ‘Space Force’ is a disappointment

This week on The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon, a flurry of topics were introduced and discussed. In a departure from recent weeks, there weren’t too many callers early on, so the conversation dissected into the roundtable of radio personalities dishing their own thoughts on shows/movies they’ve watched.

Something I was catching up on, to an extent, was finishing the Steve Carell Netflix show, “Space Force.” From the minds who gave you “The Office,” this show dived into the idea of a four-star General (Carell) taking over the United States Government’s space force program, where he butted heads with the chief scientist (John Malkovich). What should have absolutely hilarious lost a lot of its swagger and laughs over the course of the ten episodes.

Sometimes, comedies try too hard to be funny and continue to double-down on that particular sense of humor if the story starts to go nowhere. What could have been Ron Burgundy taking control of the US government’s bright new program with a Donald Trump White House parody attitude didn’t execute well enough in its initial five episodes, which left the final half a tedious journey that just needed to be completed.

Carell, and especially Malkovich as a doctor with a lot of knowledge and a few secrets, did their best, but the material simply was stale and unfunny.

Elsewhere, I urged listeners to stay as far away from the new Netflix Original, “The Last Days of American Crime,” a mindless rip-off of “Minority Report.” Consider the earlier days of film crime. Just watch the Tom Cruise film instead.

Here’s the full listening link for the Frank O. Pinion entertainment segment from June 9, 2020.

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