The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Segment, Episode #60: Why Nicolas Cage will make a great Joe Exotic

In an hour that returned listeners of The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon to the “Justified” waters of Amazon Prime and into the new turf of “Good Omens,” last week’s segment ran the gauntlet of a potpourri session.

In other words, people got another list of stuff to watch and other things to skip. Is “Agents of Shield” worth watching to the end? Is “Goliath” considered premium Billy Bob? What about “Tudors” with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, or is it one prolonged farting sound?

Frank welcomed callers into the Entertainment segment of the week on 590 The Fan KFNS, and they provided plenty of color for the guys to keep track of while reminding them what isn’t worth their time.

The best conversation centered around Nicolas Cage being cast as Joe Exotic in the upcoming limited series about Joe Exotic and his highly toxic life as a tiger king among other things. While some dislike Cage or don’t see him in the role, everything he’s done in his career makes him the perfect choice.

Box office pedigree. Oscar-winning talent. Eccentric versatility. A willingness to go there. Cage checks all the boxes and towards the latter end of the hour, I detailed why to Frank and company.

The entire segment’s audio is ready for your ears right here.

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