Brett Hull thinks hockey today is boring, and someone created false outrage over it

Does the player’s personality get strangled by the protectiveness a team shares over his freedom? What if players could get away with some fun, just like the old days? Does that make necessarily them bad people?

Brett Hull is one of those retired Hall of Fame hockey players who thinks current players have no personality due to their restricted night life. Without being able to cut loose and have some real fun, players aren’t going to let anyone into their mind and how much color it has. It’s very true with a lot of the current players, especially the young ones.

Social media doesn’t help. These days, reporters don’t always get a chance to break news. A team doesn’t get to tell the masses first either. It can be a regular, ordinary fan who finds out and breaks something that happened at a club last night. Something that shouldn’t have happened. Back in Hull’s day, it would have taken a betrayal from inside the team or the unlucky moment of being spotted out by a columnist.

I could take or leave Hull’s opinions. I don’t know how it was back then due to my lack of access, but I don’t think today’s players are too devoid of personality. But I can see his point about the overall aspect of the current league, though. That’s not why I am writing today, even if that would be the exclusive of the century.

I am talking to you right now through a keyboard and two beers due to the fact that someone took Hull’s words and pulled just enough memory from them to feed her narrative. A Twitter account with the name KellySens and handle of @KSensStats had this to say about Hull’s comments to Sportsnet’s Hockey Central:

Let me get my tiny violin to play a little song for Kelly and her sensibilities. How do you pull that out of the quote? Hull, along with a bunch of players, sometimes did some crazy shit and that includes strip club attendance. Everyone can find an aspect of strip clubs degrading, but the way she interprets it in her tweet comes off as Hull and many others being bad guys for going to strip clubs. Last time I checked, more than a few people make money at strip clubs, a place they APPLY TO WORK AT and aren’t forced to.

Apparently, the question was posed to Hull during an interview due to the recent news of the Washington Capitals releasing Brendan Leipsic after he made “disparaging comments about women and teammates.” So those comments were attached to Hull immediately after his answer described the ways things used to be. That’s what we call a huge stretch.

To me, this is false outrage over a quote that should have been played for laps. Do I think athletes spit the wrong things out of their mouth when discussing women? Yes. Do I think this particular example belongs in other more harsh groups? Nope. This talk happens behind doors, the same as the parties where women dish about dealing with men. It’s completely normal.

Pardon me if I clear my throat before saying this: Brett Hull is an imperfect yet good soul who doesn’t need the Cabo life disrupted right now by bullshit fake news like this. If you’re going to go after him, toss hundreds of others players into that same boat. Some people are getting cabin fever. They need to get out and have some fun. He said nothing wrong.

All Hull said is that there’s nothing like the good old days and that has contributed to the boring aspect of current NHL hockey players. He said nothing harmful, disparaging, or degrading about women. Nothing that requires a new outcry.

Some people need to lighten up.

Thanks for reading.

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