The Frank O. Pinion Entertainment Radio Segment, Episode 59: ‘Homeland’ finale delivers emotional pathos

Every week, the balance between movies and television show commentary on The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon isn’t always easy to gauge.

There are always movies discussed and dissected-with the dissection mostly coming from myself-but the TV show news can take over the majority of the show. These days, it’s more often than not.

This past week, Showtime’s “Homeland” didn’t get the largest amount of audio time, but it was dished on quite a bit towards the end of the hour. Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin’s acting centered the show’s final two seasons, delivering a series finale that had pathos, power, and a soulful touch to it.

Of course, as one Showtime show exits, another heavy hitter returns in “Billions,” a phenomenal show which debuted its fifth season premiere on Sunday. Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis squaring off in show that is impeccably written and acted, right down to the minor supporting players.

Elsewhere, the gang covered the usual ground, which included impersonations, hot takes, and caller suggestions.

The whole hour can be listened to right here.

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