The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose (AUDIO): Why ‘The Invisible Man’ is worth your time

Horror films don’t have it easy with me.

I’ve seen way too many and therefore leave impressed by few of the newer one’s twists. The supernatural, slasher, spell-casting, and chainsaw-wielding killer doesn’t thrill me enough. Sorry, Michael Myers in your next “Halloween” reincarnation.

“The Invisible Man,” adapted and written by Leigh Whannell, was something different. There were horror elements, but the calibration wasn’t different here. The shocks were fresh and potent, ones I didn’t see coming. Elisebeth Moss was brilliant in the role, sucking you into Cecilia’s misery and revenge game.

Whannell’s film was very effective at creating a satisfying movie in a packed genre.

Among other things, my initial take on “Hunters’ was given, offering a solid yet flawed product. Jokes happened, callers joined, and a good segment was had by all parties.

Here’s the listening link.

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