The Blues’ “Hockey is For Everyone” watch party is the epitome of a cop-out

There’s nothing worse in life than someone in a powerful position doing something half-ass.

Example #1: The Blues participated in 2017 and 2018 in Pride Nights, which were created to allow minority groups, specifically the LGBTQ community, to have a night at an NHL hockey game where they felt like they truly belonged. A night where they could be themselves and not feel like outsiders.

Last season, the Blues decided to move away from that objective, changing it to “Hockey is for Everyone,” a safer plea for the portion of their fanbase who may not be wild about the fact that two women would celebrate a goal by making out. I mean, let’s be honest and just call a spade a spade there. It was DIET Pride Night, and people noticed. It was a team playing nice for the majority. The pride flags and colors were gone. In their place was a PG-13 version of Pride Night.

This year, the Blues have stooped even lower with a watch party later this month. A WATCH PARTY! When the Blues play the Washington Capitals, LGBTQ and other communities can come watch the game at the Enterprise Center. They can come watch the jumbotron, basically. The season ticket holders will most likely be at home, enjoying their narrow-minded hockey from afar.

I know what you’re thinking. This shouldn’t be the Blues problem, and they don’t have to do what other teams do. Teams like the Colorado Avalanche, Washington, Philadelphia, etc. The list goes on. But here’s the thing: they should do the right fucking thing and have a legitimate Pride Night anyway. The Blues are in a powerful position right now, being a Stanley Cup winner, host of the All Star Game, and presumable Cup contender this spring. They can use that position of power to influence the right things and push the right narratives.

But instead they are taking a shameful backseat here. Instead of doing another DIET Pride Night, they are taking it a step lower and doing a watch party for an away game. It’s the epitome of a cop-out. It’s disgraceful. I’d rather them do nothing. I’d rather them do another movie theme night or some other soft merchandise-driven display of affection. Do nothing instead of this pitiful crap.

Honestly, I wish this wasn’t an issue. I wish the world wasn’t full of homophobic people who can’t stand to be around people who are different than them yet want the same thing. The people who think it’s fine for a man and woman to kiss on camera, yet can’t stand the sight of two men or two women kissing on camera. Since they can’t stand it and scream about it, I have to come here and scream about them. It’s what I do.

The Blues could be the change, but instead, they just keep changing Pride Night into something that doesn’t carry an ounce of pride. Something that’s weak and doesn’t make anyone feel special.

If you ask me what’s wrong with the world, it’s the resistance to change, even in the smallest degree. That’s what’s slowing down the world every single day. The inability for people to be open-minded and accept change as a benefit instead of a deterrent.

You may disagree with me. I frankly don’t give a shit. The St. Louis Blues’ “Hockey is for Everyone” night is anything but.


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