The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: ‘Birds of Prey’ is a sophisticated thrill ride

One of the well-known facts about doing the entertainment segment on The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon with Frank O. Pinion is understanding certain films that Frank won’t care for.

International films and comic book adaptations represent the top of the pile of movie genres Frank does not care for. Basically, you’ll have to convince him over his deepest restrictive beliefs about this particular movies.

This week, I reviewed the new comic flick, “Birds of Prey,” or whatever the latest name from Warner Brothers is. I also recapped the Oscars, mentioning the powerful finish by Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” in taking four major awards home.

First thing, I wish WB would just stop with the name changes. There was the long one that still makes the opening credits, pertaining to the emancipation of Harley Quinn and such. Then, there was the regular Birds of Prey. Now, they stuck Quinn’s name back in there.

One just has to believe Margot Robbie’s solo flick will be the black sheep of the DCEU family, but it won’t be one that loses money. Just give it time to stretch its legs.

“Parasite” is something else, and while I still think Quentin Tarantino’s Hollywood ride should have taken home Best Picture, I can appreciate Ho’s film more after a second viewing.

Here’sthe full segment from the 2-11-20 show.

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