The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose: Listener calls galore!

There’s two ways to look at your segment on a radio show being taken away by listener call-ins.

You can be a sour patch kid, whining about the inability to elaborate and inform the movie public on why Blake Lively’s latest movie was about as lively as a post-chili fart. That won’t get you anywhere in the radio game.

Or you can be impressed and feel good about the volume of interactions you created. After all, people are taking a part of their day and using it to interact with you and join the party.

Sure, the random movie from 1992 that they want to know if you have seen probably won’t tickle your brain too much, but it’s interest and interaction, the two things a radio host or guest craves.

This week, I didn’t get to tell The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon audience about the average quality of “The Rhythm Section,” starring Lively and Jude Law. All I needed was less than a minute to do that.

I did talk to many people and it was fun. Honestly, a lot of fun.

Here’s the link so you can interact … nearly a week later. How cool is that?

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