The Frank O. Pinion Movie Dose: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ and ‘Yesterday’ reviews

With Frank and Tim Woodburn out of the studio, it was a keen opportunity for Trevor “Limey” Phillips and me to turn the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon into our own comic book movie fandom zone for the day.

With “Spider-Man: Far From Home” flying into theaters that day, the esteemed Brit and myself broke down the anticipation, expectations, and overall needs for the Phase 3 finale of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

I broke down the many good aspects of the film, and got into the plot without giving away many spoilers, even though the comic book wizard in Trevor knew what was going to happen before Jon Watts and his writing team could show him.

Afterwards, I reviewed one of my favorite movies of the year in Danny Boyle’s “Yesterday,” the heartfelt ode to the Beatles and the power of music. A movie that touched my heart in a number of ways should have staying power as the year stretches on, due to its great cast, sublime message, and polished follow-through.

There were other items handled, but it was mostly a day for expanded movie reviews and laughs. Listen to all the fun right here.

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