The Frank O. Pinion Radio Movie Dose, 6-25-19: “Toy Story 4” review and trivia

This week on The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon with Frank O. Pinion, the boys have some fun with Frank out on vacation.

Tim Woodburn, news and Google search expert, takes the point, discussing new films and sprinkling in some movie trivia between movies and television show reviews.

First up, I review “Toy Story 4,” the new Pixar sequel featuring the popular likes of Tom Hanks’ Woody, Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear, and debuting Keanu Reeves’ Duke Caboom. Keeping with the crowd-pleasing and smart tone of the first three films, Josh Cooley’s film hits all the right notes and delivers all the feels these movies have come to promise.

I am terrible at trivia, so I didn’t get a single one right, but Scott, who sat in for Frank, did excellently and got many correct. Dan Strauss also hit a few answers.

Next up, the Netflix film, “Murder Mystery,” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. What you have here is a tired and bored piece of entertainment. If you don’t feel like moving that much or going out, turn this on and laugh a little while wondering if the two stars still have it.

“Dark Phoenix” got shelved a couple of weeks ago, so I brought that back up, while requesting a Michael Fassbender/Magneto solo film.

Listen in to the full segment here.

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