The Frank O. Pinion Radio Dose, 4-11-19: Reviews of ‘Shazam!’ and ‘Pet Sematary’ (AUDIO)

This week on The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon, I reviewed a pair of new releases, “Shazam!” and “Pet Sematary.” In addition to the fresh reviews, there were reactions to the new “Yellowstone” and “Joker” trailers.

What’s Shazam! all about? Think of “Big” meets “Superman” with the guy from NBC’s “Chuck” turning into a Dwayne Johnson-sized childlike superhero with the bad guy from “Kickass” playing the bad guy here. Still with me? Frank probably won’t watch this movie, but it’s a nice detour from the usual super-serious DC film slate.

What’s Pet Sematary about? The effect of a mysterious and haunted Indian-type burial ground full of dead pets that brings back bad memories, inner demons, and just a bad month for a seemingly innocent family of four. Stephen King approved and so do I.

The hour doesn’t end without a plethora of jokes, calls, stoppages, and reflections from the entire crew.

Listen in here.

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