The Frank O. Pinion Movie Dose, March 12: ‘Triple Frontier’ review and Josh Lucas discussion

In the latest radio dose on the Large Morning Show in The Afternoon with Frank O. Pinion, I reviewed the new Netflix film, Triple Frontier.

The action thriller stars Oscar Isaacs and Ben Affleck, centering on five Ex-Special Forces operatives going into South America to rob a Mexican Cartel. Deadly consequences follow them on this rogue mission, and the unpredictable aspect of J.C. Chandor’s film lends the experience something extra.

I also give props to the Showtime mainstay, Shameless, for producing a riveting and emotional end to Season 9, which also happened to be Emmy Rossum’s final episodes on the show.

The gents and I also wonder what happened to the likes of Josh Lucas, who had a great run over a decade ago starring in Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon and Secondhand Lions with Robert Duvall, yet now is relegated to small roles if anything at all.

I recap the box office weekend, which saw Captain Marvel dominate with $155 million and over $400 million worldwide.

Frank started watching AMC’s Longmire, which features a great Lou Diamond Phillips performance.

I end the segment with an Uber story from a Garth Brooks concert, adding juicy content to my future rideshare screenplay.

You can listen to the full one hour segment right here.

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