Here’s what I know 

There’s nothing better in life than the things that you know and believe in. It’s your own brand of authenticity and it’s a necessity. A way of saying this is me and that’s all there is to it.

The best birthday cards I get are the ones from my parents because they are the shortest and contain the most to the point sentences inside.

The last one read. “My three favorite words. That’s my son.”

Here’s what I know. Random and without an editor, so file your complaints with my vacant assistants desk.

  • The Shawshank Redemption’s ending can play on a loop all day and I’ll watch. Stephen King’s most underrated book and Frank Darabont’s best film. Red and Andy. Add Thomas Newman’s score and it’s mint.

  • You can hate Trump and Clinton all you want. Guess what? One of them is going to be taking office in Jamuary. I think Clinton sucks a little less. Trump in office is like Bill Pullman in Independence Day but a lot less cool and a lot dumber.
  • Baseball is an exhausting game to love. Unlike most sports, you don’t get much of a break and even the off days seem like long commercials. It’s relentless and unless your team is impeccable, it’s going to whip you in several directions, and frustrate the shit out of you. Every year. For seven to eight months. The Cards do this every year and they can win 86 or 100 games. It’s a long year. So it’s important to stay seated as long as you can. Get mad and throw things but don’t give up inside three months. There’s so many games left that when I notice Twitter followers wanting to sell, I laugh. They never learn. It’s a long year.

  • Great Action films aren’t easy to produce. They are rare for a reason. A film like John Wick. So well done.  People think you get B actors together, some explosives, and a director who can blow shit up and it’s game set match. The answer is no. You need a game cast, a great stunt coordinator, good writing and a director who can shove a heart into all of it. That’s why I’m excited for a film like Wheelman. It’s got my favorite man of action in Frank Grillo, an underrated visionary like Joe Carnahan as a producer and the young gun writer/director Jeremy Rush with a script that can’t be denied. Rush won a screenwriting award, loves fast cars running on manual transmission, and fights for fun. He’s got testosterone hanging off his chin. Grillo is his ace of spades. Netflix scooped up this film for their first huge Hollywood like original film. I can’t fucking wait. I love a good action film. It’s like finding a place that makes very good pizza. The actors are the toppings, cars are the sauce and the creator is the crust.
  • I’ll love watching hockey more than any sport. I mean not just my Blues. It’s tricky. The Cardinals are my favorite team and control my blood pressure but if it’s any hockey game I can watch it. I can’t watch just any baseball game. Thrilling sport.
  • I’m not a parent judge but when I hear about parents forgetting their son or daughter in a car and the kid dying I feel like picking up a wiffle ball bat and smacking them in the cheek with it. There’s no excuse. Once you have a kid, planned or not, everything else falls to #2. Including your husband or wife. It’s all about them. You have one job. Protect your kid. If you don’t get that, give the kid up or get hypnotized.
  • Nothing is more satisfying than a well cooked steak. You cook a good steak and you are alright.
  • I value coffee over alcohol. Most days I can’t finish a can of beer. Every day I need coffee and also enjoy it. It’s not a job to drink it like some require alcohol to be.
  • Starbucks can’t make a fucking macchiato for their life but their Iced Teas are delicious. Their coffee is terrible. When you drink as much coffee as I do, it comes down to taste.
  • Those times when people ride your ass and roar around you in traffic only to have to stop at the stop light half a mile ahead are priceless.
  • When something bad happens to you, please don’t feel the need to be strong. When people say that to someone who has lost a loved one, I feel like hitting them in the face with a rake. Fuck off. Let that person be vulnerable and crumble for a couple days. Let the storm of sadness swirl around you and get it over with. Weather it and shed it. 90 percent of the time, people don’t grieve properly.
  • How much better would life be if people had to be honest about what they thought to someone else in person? Whew.
  • Anything that supports the fight against the beast that is cancer, I’m all in. It sucks and takes too many good people every day.
  • 99 percent of the time, a family owned business does the job better than a corporation. No shit territory.
  • As long as the body has confidence, a t-shirt works just fine. Don’t overdo it.

That’s it. Thanks for stopping by. Come on back. If you are on Facebook, scroll up to the top and like the page. Goodbye.

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