Crossbones: “Captain America: Civil War”Secret Weapon

While everyone gears up for Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America(Chris Evans) to clash along with their teams of handpicked Avengers, I will be waiting for the entrance of one man. A simple man.

He doesn’t have a superpower. He doesn’t fly, shrink, enlarge or wield a hammer. Frank Grillo’s Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones doesn’t need any of those attributes. In Captain America: Civil War, he is a man out for cold hard revenge. As Steven Seagal once said in an action adventure gem, Out For Justice, Brock may have a “need to impose his will” on his enemies.

Why? At the end of Winter Soldier, he was left for dead under a pile of concrete. After beating Anthony Mackie’s Falcon all over the room, the building collapsed and there was no cool helicopter rescue from Nick Fury for the Hydra soldier. While Rumlow may have died there, Crossbones is what came out of that rubble. He plans on putting a hurt on not only Captain America but whoever else steps into his path this spring.

The first pic of Crossbones was released Monday via Empire Magazine(and it’s fantastic), but I’ve been studying set pics and comic book storylines from this character for a long time. I like simple guys, driven by a certain code or need. While some will be quick to call him a villain, I don’t agree with that. Neither would Grillo. Frank once told me that “They aren’t villains. They may be horrible, but it’s only one side of an ideology. It’s two sides of a different idea. I can find humanity in that and that is what it’s all about. The craft.” That’s Crossbones, a man scarred beyond repair and out for blood. Please don’t call him a traditional villain. You may get punched.

When I think of Rumlow/Crossbones, I think of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton/Hawkeye. He doesn’t have a superpower, but he has a skill and that is good enough to place him in this world. Barton was once an agent himself, and in some other world maybe Rumlow goes a different way and fights for a different cause. In Civil War, he is clearly fighting for his own cause.

You haven’t seen Grillo’s Crossbones in action during the first round of trailers for the May film, but that could be by design from the Russo Brothers. They know that they have something special in this baddie, and want to save him for opening night. While there will be shields, laser beams shot out of hands, and other superpowers on display, Crossbones doesn’t require any of that. He is one of the few Marvel characters who won’t require a single shred of CGI enhancement or aid. What you see is what you get. And it will be a handful.

The character is an embodiment of Grillo and his everyday hustle as an actor in Hollywood. Someone who had to create his own luck, destiny and fight for every scrap he could get. There’s a respect and honor in that particular fight that makes me excited to see what the Russo Brothers, Grillo and Crossbones have in store for me come May. Will the film follow the course of the comics and have Rumlow be the guy to take down Steve Rodgers? I don’t think so but I wouldn’t put anything past Marvel giant Kevin Feige and these filmmakers.

Whatever happens, Crossbones will leave a dent, physically and psychologically. A man apart, Grillo brings him to vivid life in Captain America: Civil War on May 6th. Have any doubts, give the pic another look. Yeah, be afraid. Just be glad it’s all make believe.

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