Ben Affleck: The Saving Grace of Batman V. Superman

It’s funny how one TV spot can change fans opinion of an actor’s take on a role. The latest Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer focused heavily on Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman, finally unleashing the sinister nature of the new Bat. Apparently, Wayne doesn’t like the potential damage an alien can bring to Earth. Check it out.

Affleck will save this film from being a campy overstuffed mess. I said it then and stand by it now. When he was first announced as the next Batman years ago, the dawn of fan hatred began. They threatened everything close to Affleck except for his beloved Boston Red Sox and lovely ex-wife Jennifer Garner. It was a serious revolt and worse than the Daniel Craig/James Bond dirt talk.

Why? A number of reasons that all centered around one.¬†Affleck sucked in Daredevil. There are other reasons people will list, but this one takes the cake. The last time Affleck put on tights and tried to be noble, the result was a flop and something Netflix had to clean up later(ironically, the new season of Daredevil premieres a week after Bat and Sup do battle). The reality is that Daredevil was terrible on a whole new level and not just with Affleck. Mark Steven Johnson’s directing was wretched, Garner wasn’t good at all, and the saving grace was Colin Farrell, having too much fun as Bullseye.

Affleck has made a strong comeback in the last ten years, getting nominated for Oscars and directing a trio of films(Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo) that stand up to any other director’s last three films. He has also become a better actor by mixing himself into ensembles and taking the right parts to properly utilize his talent. Love or hate the guy, there’s rapid truth to the fact that he can’t miss right now.

Warner Brothers seems to think his performance is pretty good. Many if not all of the recent TV Spots have focused on Batman and many of the trailers have as well. Director Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel was a good if not great film and the studio declined to give him another stand alone Superman film. Isn’t that telling?

Warner Brothers has dished out three Batman film per decade and only give Snyder one Superman film even after it made some good money. Why? They like Batman more and really like Affleck’s take on the character. Why else would you see Batman in Suicide Squad and there be confirmed rumors of a feature length stand alone Affleck Batman film? A studio doesn’t pour 200-300 million dollars into a guy they are not sure about. They all know Affleck is going to be fantastic as Wayne and do Batman justice as well.

It’s the perfect mix of actor and role, especially since this Batman is older, edgier and has something to prove. Affleck nearly didn’t take the role before Snyder told him what the world around Batman was and how he would fit into it. This is not your ordinary Batman. This is a mad man and someone who saw lives lost in the finale of Man of Steel, a huge plot point and basis of fan criticism that is playing a role in the new film.

Stop worrying about whether Affleck will be as good as Bale and check your hatred at the door knowing he won’t be as bad as Tobey Maguire was as Peter Parker. Ben Affleck will be the best part of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He will be the one you will be walk away talking about. The film, well, that is still a mystery.

Affleck is a reason for even the casual comic book movie and film lovers to take a chance with this summer tentpole.

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