5 Reasons Ben Affleck as Batman Works

Imagine Matt Damon picking up his phone tonight.  He looks at a text from Ben Affleck.  “How about them apples!”  A fictional thought for sure but the news from Warner Brothers tonight is that Affleck is the new Batman for the 2015 team up with Superman and Batman and the sequel to Man of Steel which will be directed by Zach Snyder and also star Henry Cavill.   This move carries a bold flavor and Warner Brothers is surely banking on an actor that has scored them three hits in a row, including a best picture and director Oscar with last year’s Argo.  Affleck has been a home run hitter for the studio and this makes the move easier to understand on many levels.  The box office prediction for this movie in the opening weekend just bumped up around 50 million.  There isn’t a career in Hollywood that’s hotter than Affleck, and that’s whether or not Runner, Runner with Justin Timberlake scores high or not.  In five quick points, I will tell you why I like this move yet understand the risk at stake and the bold flavor on the table.

*It’s been a long time since Daredevil folks.  Give him a break on the past that he has done more than enough to bury.  Since he got married and took a break, Affleck has rarely swung and missed.  He said he never would return to tights, but he also didn’t think he would have this kind of comeback either.  Comic book geeks will hate almost every single move.  They didn’t like Michael Keaton or Christian Bale and look at their work.  Give Affleck peace of mind.

*Affleck is a true box office monster these days and will help ensure the movie backs up the proposed budget of 200 million plus.  He is a big name and will throw Cavill on his shoulders if the young Brit does little to separate himself from Clark Kent in the meantime.  This is Warner Brothers ensuring that this movie will reach a ton of fans and not just the comic crowd.

*Affleck will pull off a perfect Bruce Wayne.  The bigger question is his interpretation of Batman.  Judging from the Town, he will pull off the body and suave attitude easily.  The bigger deal is the voice of Affleck’s Batman.  It has to distinguish itself from his Wayne but can’t be as baritone as Bale or simple as Keaton.  The voice of Batman will be the juiciest factor of Ben Affleck’s portrayal.

* The age factor isn’t an issue.  Affleck will be 43 years old when the film comes out and has proven to keep in great shape.  There are men that can’t play a superhero past the age of 40 and others that can make it work when they hit 50 years old.  Robert Downey Jr. will play Iron Man until he is 50.  Downey Jr. was 43 years old when he first portrayed Tony Stark in 2008.

*Remember this.  Affleck has earned this.  He came back from the dead.  Rose from the ashes of Daredevil, Reindeer Games and Gigli.  He has earned the right to put his face on a summer blockbuster franchise and definitely makes the anticipation for the movie sky rocket.  For anybody who questions the move, remember Hollywood respects a comeback.  Warner Brothers gave Affleck a chance to revive his career with Gone, Baby, Gone and watched him make back to back box office hits with The Town and Argo, while all three were critically acclaimed.  If any actor in Hollywood deserves to take batting practice with a huge role, it’s Ben Affleck.  I respect the boldness of the move and think with Snyder, Nolan and a fine supporting cast involved, this will work out just fine.

Forget about the rest of the main players.  Bryan Cranston would make a great Lex Luthor.  Jim Broadbent would pull off a fine Alfred.  Jon Hamm could do a certain District Attorney in his sleep or the mayor.   Hopefully the Joker stays at rest.  The big news right now is Ben Affleck will play Batman in Warner Brothers’ upcoming DC team up Superman/Batman film.  It surprised me at first but at the ground floor of this news is a compelling new element to the film that was missing before.  Check back here for more updates and check out my column on Affleck’s comeback below.  Thanks for reading addicts!

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Thanks for reading,

Dan Buffa



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