The New James Bond: My three candidates

Spectre is thriving at the box office and even though Daniel Craig is contractually obligated to scrap on the tux, take a beating and pound shaken martinis one more time, I want to talk about the future of the franchise. Who plays him next? Craig sounded exhausted on the press tour for the latest adventure, so I would be surprised if he did more than one more ride. He has one foot out the door so let’s talk who plays him next. Here are my three candidates.

Michael Fassbender

He is suave, taunt, intense and has the build to slide right into MI6’s high wire theatrics. He hasn’t played a character like this either, yet built his career similar to Craig’s on solid roles and art house fare. He has a head start on the mainstream, having played Magneto and Steve Jobs in recent movies. The point is, seeing Fassbender here wouldn’t be tiring or a sad case of “seen that, forget it” misfortune. He can act and slays the ladies. Did you watch Shame? He can play a sad Lothario as well.

Tom Hardy

Cut from the same type of bulldog mold as Craig, Hardy has proven himself in action roles yet fares equally well in independent films. He has a presence that few can attain through film school or director longing. When he shows up, authenticity takes precedent over mere make believe. He’s played a Batman villain, filled Mad Max’s shoes, and rocked different accents in Locke and The Drop. His role in Bronson will forever be his ticket to the table, but signature roles in Lawless and the recent Legend stamp his place as a force to reckon with. I can easily picture him as the first Bond with a five o’clock shadow.

Idris Elba

Suck it Anthony Horowitz. The Bond author slammed the British actor’s credentials as a future Bond because he was too “street”. Aka too black. How shortsighted and unfortunate. If you have taken the time to watch Luther, the BBC detective series with Idris leading the party, you know how good he would be as Britain’s most famous cinematic creation. He has the look, the voice and the build to knock the role out. He also may add a sense of humor to the reckless agent.

These are my three guys. My bet is Craig shrugs his shoulders and takes a huge paycheck to come back for a 5th film. He wasn’t the problem with Spectre but the director and writer need to produce a better setting and appetite for the actor to play around in. If he leaves, go with one of the sly fellows mentioned above.

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