Blues fans: Hate Patrick Kane the right way

(In case you missed it in the St. Louis Game Time paper on Saturday)

It’s easy to toss the hate book at Patrick Kane. He is a very good Blackhawks player who was accused of rape this past summer. While the allegations eventually proved hollow and the case was dropped, that kind of charge follows a player around. Especially, when the player plays for your team. Do me a favor and hate Patrick Kane the right way. As a member of the Blackhawks and not on other claims that don’t carry a lot of weight.

There’s a lot of dislike about the guy on the ice. He is rocking Kevin Shattenkirk’s hairline and trying to make it look good with longer hair. He has curls in his hair. He smirks a lot and has a Sidney Crosby swagger on the ice. He scored a backbreaking playoff goal against the Blues two years ago that I still get nightmares over(though Ryan Miller still gets more). Kane is a force to reckon with who happens to be among the league leaders in goals, assists, points and overall “BAMF” appeal. He’s playing like a Bruce Springsteen acoustic performance right now. There’s reason enough to hate the guy outside of something he may or may not have done. Through 18 games, Kane has 13 goals and 15 assists and a +14 rating. He has four game winning goals and six power play goals.

The problem with justifying allegations is the lack of evidence you can ride on. Is it really worth slamming a guy for something he may not have done? Anybody can climb on Twitter and fire a shot at the Blackhawks. I made a quick charge at Kane in August when the case was a turkey leg sitting up for sports writers to pick at. While it’s the last thing on a Blues fans mind right now, showing some class and taking the high road with “iffy” charges on a rival player is the best thing to do. While no one can complain with the fact that Kane needs to clean up his dating game, it’s premature in the worst way to taunt him with a case that has grown cold.

It’s okay to take shots at the Chicago Blackhawks for not throwing some weight at Kane during the unfolding of the allegations. They seemed to think it wasn’t a big deal to barely even mention anything except express good will on their winger. It could be called protection or discreet actions. When asked about it, all Joel Quenneville could muster was, “Ah fuck fuck and fuck”.

Every time Kane steps on the ice, a Blues fan should hate it. He has 218 goals in 594 games inside eight seasons with 68 power play goals. He is a +65 for his career. Here is the best reason to hate Kane. In 116 playoff games, Kane has 48 goals and 66 assists. That’s enough go fuck yourself juice for a lifetime. Goals aren’t everything unless you find a way to score them often and well.

Hate Patrick Kane the right way. Hate him for being one of the best players the Blues have to face every season. Hate him on the power play. Hate his ugly scarf and his stupid hair. Hate him for the color jersey he wears. Hate him for being a thorn in the Blues and many other teams side. Don’t hate for something he maybe or maybe not did.


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