Starbucks Holiday Cup Ridiculousness and MU Campus Madness

Sometimes, people say stupid things and do stupid things. Being someone who tries to evade stupidity and fails, I know all about it. This week, two groups of people created a need for a speech. A rant. Something to reestablish the order.

The Starbucks Cups

Someone made a comment how Starbucks holiday cups are offensive or affect them or something weird. As if the world needs a reason to create a discussion about Starbucks holiday cups. Seriously, an article on a Kardashian yoga pant tear or a Justin Bieber haircut  would be more topical. Who gives a shit about the cups? I love the new order of 2010 internet police. The people who can start stupid arguments like they are All the Presidents Men wannabe activists. It must be a good idea when they are sucking down Kale smoothies and yammering on about their society as they reset their playlist to Drake’s greatest hits. It must come over good in their brain. It doesn’t come down to the rest of us right.

10_28_13_starbucks_holiday_2013_1I like Starbucks holiday cups. Maybe it’s because I like the color red and Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It could be a festive thing. I no longer slurp their coffee but I do partake in their espresso packed drinks and my kid thinks their chocolate chip cookies or akin to euphoric dirt crumbs. It doesn’t matter. They are nice and there’s nothing OFFENSIVE about them. If I walked up to you and said “Go Fuck Yourself” without explanation, that would be offensive. A Starbucks holiday cup is not.

If you want to argue about something, try these on size:

  • Cops, firefighters and school teachers being terribly underpaid.
  • The fact that people are shooting each other a lot and this world is going to shit very fast.
  • The unemployment rate is still too high.
  • More people can correctly identify the judges of the Voice instead of four Presidents before they were born.
  • People who complain about being fat yet don’t want to do the work to stay healthy.
  • There should be a “stupid driver” regulator type Uber police force.
  • Several countries still don’t have clean water.
  • There’s someone out there who thinks its okay to walk into a school and harm children.

How much of a wuss nation do we live in that people complain about Starbucks holiday cups? Do me a fucking favor and stay home. Make Folgers and pour it on your head. Go outside and bang your head on a wall. That cut in your forehead will need more attention than Starbucks cups. Get a life.

MU Campus Madness  

As you and a million other folks know by now, the University of Missouri President Tom Wolfe resigned yesterday accusations that he hadn’t done enough to combat several racial incidents on campus. That wasn’t the entire reason. It was the fact that the Missouri football team were boycotting all their activities due to the lack of action and demanded he step down. You know what that means? Money would potentially get lost if the team didn’t play their games or maintain their schedule. Love or hate the result, what followed after the announcement from Wolfe really got the stupid train rolling. When a student photographer freelancing for ESPN was trying to take pictures of a peaceful protest, a Communications professor asked for “muscle” in pushing this kid away. A crowd of people got in this kid’s face telling him to stop taking pictures. Fellow students were doing this. Instead of running away, this kid stood his ground and brilliantly pointed out that the first amendment protects him and the crowd pushing him away. Check it out.

This was embarrassing for the school, which may I remind you is one of the top journalism schools in the country. So, a professor didn’t want the photographer to help get the story out on a group of protesters? Why protest if you don’t want anyone to see it? Doesn’t that hinder the entire operation? If I want my words to be heard and actions to reach people, I pull that photographer closer and have him take 100 pictures. Are these people living in the Stone Age or just plain stupid? I am guessing the latter.

The professor needs to go because she made a horrible mistake in supporting this aggressive blockade of an innocent kid doing his job. I hope the kid sues those people because contact was made. He wasn’t even pushing to get closer. He was trying to take pictures of an event and cover it. This doesn’t come out in any possible way looking good for Mizzou or its students.

There’s a conversation to be had about racial comments and it may never be resolved. There should be no argument about the first amendment.

That was a Monday. Other lessons learned:

  • Alex Reyes did weed. Again. Small crime or big crime, here’s the facts. The players association agreed that marijuana is against the rules. Reyes did it twice. Now the 21 year old misses 50 games. He is a moron. If eating cake is against the rules and you know that and do it twice, that makes you dumb or highly irresponsible.
  • Jose Reyes beat his wife. His career is going down the drain so he starts slugging his wife instead of the baseball. It’s not a good idea having Floyd Mayweather Jr. as your role model.
  • Former Atlanta Braves phenom Tommy Hanson died from catastrophic organ failure. Not fair. Terribly sad. He was 29.
  • The Rams signed former Patriots/Broncos receiver Wes Welker. I like this low risk move. He’s 34 and concussion prone, but the guy is a legit wide receiver who still has some gas left. Anything to help this weak receiving core.
  • Chris Pronger, one of the best Blues D-man ever, went into the Hall of Fame Monday night.

Thanks for reading.

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