Buffa’s Beer Stop: Farmhouse Tank 7

Since everybody is in a Kansas City state of mind with the Royals winning the World Series last week, I thought I’d toss out a delicious Kansas City beer. Sometimes, Budweiser and Miller Lite don’t do the trick and you need a truly unique brew to tide you over a rough Thursday. Something to make Friday seem a little closer. That beer this week is Farmhouse Tank 7, a special production from the Boulevard folks in KC. Check it out.

Carrying an alcohol percentage of 8.5 percent, which is enough to knock you down but not out, Tank 7 comes in 16 ounce bottles and a four pack at most neighborhood stores. When Boulevard’s brewers were testing out new formulas for a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, they created this beast. You could it accidental, but Tank 7 is a different kind of beer. When you first take a sip, a combination of fruits surfaces before a dry hoppy finish sends you well on your way to the pull. Think of Rogue Dead Guy ale, but with more attitude in its finish.

While Tank 7 may be a bit pricey at 10 dollars for a four pack, the taste elevates the experience and also allows the consumer to need only one or two bottles to do the trick of getting in that feel good mode. You don’t need to surround yourself with beer cans to get the great effect of a buzz. Tank 7 lives up to its name and is worth checking out. It’s got personality, a cool back story and a taste that is unique among what you may consider drink worthy in the 314. Also, you are giving a small nod to the I-70 rival and World Series champion Royals at the same time. Nothing wrong with respect in a bottle that tastes this good.

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