The Cardinals bring the big sticks to Miller Park

For the past few years, the St. Louis Cardinals lack of power is well known. They rank near the bottom of the National League in home runs. However, if there is one place the Birds love to carry the big sticks to play, it’s Miller Park against the Milwaukee Brewers. At the start of Sunday’s action, the Cards have won 4 of 6 games there this season, scoring 24 runs and cranking 7 home runs. However, let’s look at the last two seasons of play at Miller Park.

While their average at Miller Park since the start of the 2013 season may be decent at best(.282), the manner in which the Cardinals score their runs differs from every other road park they play in. The Cardinals have scored 143 in 27 games, an average of 5.3 runs per game. In those 27 games, the Cards have amassed 412 total bases and 42 doubles.

In 2014, the Cards cranked 14 home runs, more than doubling their total from Wrigley Field and Great American Ballpark. In 2013, they smashed 19 doubles and 15 home runs at Miller Park, slugging .500. Om 2015, the Cardinals have amassed 12 doubles in just 5 games.

There are certain Cardinals who love hitting at Miller, including Jhonny Peralta. In his 15 games there, Peralta is 23-58(.396) with 4 home runs and 13 RBI. There’s a reason Mike Matheny doesn’t rest the guy there. Jhonny likes to rake. The injured Jon Jay found success at Miller Park, collecting 4 hits in 10 at bats in April. Overall, in the last three seasons, Jay has a .353 batting average. Matt Holliday doesn’t find the average but he has hit 6 home runs in his 20 games played. Other Cardinals like Matt Adams and Yadier Molina have also hit well there. Ex-Cards and former RBI machine Allen Craig hit .393 there in 2013. As a team, the Cards have slugged .460 at the park since 2013.

Their lack of power overall may be hard to deny, but when the Birds fly into Milwaukee, the big bats ride with them. It’s a place they have found plenty of comfort the past few years. In 27 games, the Cardinals have amassed a record of 19-8, dominating an opponent that challenged them for the division title just last year. The rivalry between these teams from the red hot battles of 2011 may have died off over the past few seasons, but the ability of the Cards to handle the Brewers in their own house is apparent.

When people think of 2015 and Miller Park, they will probably think about losing Adam Wainwright there on April 25th. They can find some peace in the Birds record and ability to hit for power in Milwaukee.

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