Ronda Rousey “Tyson’s” Bethe Correia in 34 seconds

ROUSEYShe came, she entered the ring, and she conquered! How would it be for someone to walk into your house and kick your butt in 34 seconds? That’s what Ronda Rousey did to Bethe Correia in Brazil earlier this morning. Rousey defended her UFC Bantamweight title and moved to 12-0 on a fight that didn’t start until after midnight here in Little Rock, Arkansas.

As I wrote for KSDK on Saturday afternoon, Rousey takes cares of her opponents like Mike Tyson used to knock out his opponents. Quickly and without mercy. It’s almost as if she has three arm, four legs, or a sixth sense in the ring because Correia seemed to have zero chance to breathe once Round 1 started. When the announcer said five rounds, I laughed at the notion of Rousey needing more than a minute to beat this latest opponent up.

Correia gave you reason to hate her, mocking Rousey’s relationship with her late father and telling people she would send the champ into depression with her first loss. Someone needs to tell that girl that dreams are best kept for video games and the real world, the stinky bloody Octagon, is where those dreams go to die. The Brazilian champ, padding her record by picking up the trash of Rousey’s past opponents, had no chance. 

From the minute the bell sounded, Rousey went full steam ahead, like a bull running at a matador who couldn’t move because his legs were buried in cement. She fired a flurry of punches that threw her opponent into the cage, and Correia did a backwards somersault to evade the first attack. She only landed up against the cage again as she got pummeled by Rousey’s straight right hands and uppercuts to the body. A right to the side of the temple and a left to the face finished Correia off quick. This is no song and dance media made sensation, folks. Rousey is the real deal and if she doesn’t have your attention yet, she should have it now.

“I hope no one picks on my family anymore before fights.”-Rousey, after the fight.

What’s not to like? Rousey fights for every young female athlete who gets told they can’t do certain things because they are a woman. She fights for that insecure teenager who can fight but can’t get a match because the boys are hogging the gym. She turned UFC boss Dana White’s head about women fighting in the octagon and has taken the sport as her own. When you think of MMA, Rousey’s name comes to mind first. She is the name on the front of the bar of this joint. Now and until she decides to stop smashing skulls in the ring.

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the long goodbye, Rousey is the quick shovel to the head.

Don’t be jealous of her reign. Be grateful you can be witness to the height of her dominance. I didn’t get to see Rocky Marciano fight or Magic Johnson face off against Larry Bird. I was too young or not around yet. I am grateful I get to see Rousey rise to the top of a sport that was created for men. Every day, men gather in gyms and dream about being the next Rousey. How about that for a mood changer? Soak it up folks. She isn’t going anywhere. You’ll see her on the big screen fighting action heroes and on the small screen winning belts. She’s making MMA relevant, cool and sexy.

Yes, she isn’t bad looking to go with the ring domination. Quite beautiful and proudly full bodied. Rouda isn’t a skinny queen. She is a beast of burden for anyone who doubts her. She’s not too muscular or extra pretty? She’s a helluva fighter who also looks good in a dress. Respect it instead of denying it.

I’ll be honest. I’m not even a big UFC/MMA person. What can I say, boxing’s drama and foreplay still grasps my attention more. However, Rousey hooks me every time. It wasn’t until she came along that I wanted to hook myself to this ride. She makes me want to put down a task and tune in. I want to know her story. I want to see her fight. I want to see more of her. Period. What can I say? I’m in love with the way this woman works. Excuse me if I stay up late on a hot August night and reach the wee hours of the morning to see her knock off some pretender whose bark was more fierce than her bite.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ronda Rousey. Queen of the ring and an athlete that you should have no worries telling your kids about before they go to bed. “Don’t worry buddy, if the boogeyman comes out of your closet, Ronda will just knock it out.”

I’d tell you more about the fight but it was really over in 34 seconds. Correia came into the ring, danced around, ran a bit, got some water, and felt good about herself before Rousey came in looking like the sick freak child of The Terminator and Darth Vader. It started and it was stopped. Rousey didn’t just win. She dominated. Same old story for the champion of the world.

What’s next for her? Rest, movies, and more winning.

No matter who it is, I’ll be watching. Will you?

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