Ranting about a Dentist and Cecil The Lion

CecilLet me get this out of the way. Since Jimmy Kimmel ranted about it last night I figured I would too. Sometimes, talk show hosts can set a man off. I’ll spin it for you quick.

Cecil the Lion, a treasured animal in Zimbabwe who was being tagged in a research project, was brutally murdered by an asshat from Minnesota. A dentist who thought it would spike his manhood to trap and hunt a lion. In this day and age, men have to get their rocks off by killing beautiful animals because it’s impossible to feel good about yourself if you aren’t killing things in this world. The dentist, named Walter Palmer, paid 55, 000 dollars to make this happen.  Fuck him and everybody who looks like him. 

What makes this more sick is the fact that the dentist and his team beheaded the animal and left the carcass out in the wilderness for the researchers to find later. Those decrepit people in Mad Max movies are real my friends. They did this so they could snap a photo and make it go viral and so the dentist could put it in his man cave. Having a flat screen, baseball stadium seats or something else isn’t cool enough for his overweight Thursday poker crowd. Let me put a lions head in there. Ah yeah that will do it. What an idiot. This is how far we have dropped as a species.

You know, if aliens and other species do fly over us on occasion and try to decide if they should come down and say hello, this shit makes them fly away fast. Who the hell would want to come say hello to our species when the highlight of our year is trapping a live animal and killing it? The dentist didn’t fight the beast fair. It trapped it with the help of guides(or as I call them, the other assholes). What a degenerate sad waste of space.

I never got the idea of hunting. The animal doesn’t have a gun and it’s not a fair game. What’s fun about a game if it isn’t fair? Next time let’s toss the dentist out there with no guides, no bug spray, covered in cow blood and see how long he lasts with his bow and arrow? Let’s see how many shots he gets off before the lion slings his ass across the country. That is fair. What happened to Cecil is madness beyond repair.

Please don’t tell me its just a lion. It’s a LIVING BREATHING THING just like us. Just like your precious cat and dog. Don’t demote it or pass it off because it’s not human. That dentist can save his apology. It’s not enough. It’s too late. I’ve already sent my “Go Fuck Yourself” greeting towards his address in chilly Minnesota. It all but confirms the world we live and the people we get to share it with. I am all for necessary violence. This wasn’t necessary. This was cruel and unusual punishment.

As my friend Carolyn Henry noted on my Facebook post, what if the 55 thousand was donated to a charity instead of killing a lion? As my good friend John Nagel pointed out the lack of outrage over education reform and child hunger, what if Palmer donated that money to those two causes instead? No. He decided to kill an animal with earnings that would double most people’s single income for one year.

What a mad world. How long before humans are hunted so somebody can get their rocks off?

What a waste.

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