Healthier Eating Advice That Isn’t Bullshit

51bf07194b4ecf9dae4caafe45ffb2cfMorning ladies and gents,

Before you bite into that scone or donut, hear me out. I’ve been in shape since I was 18 and here are things your body doesn’t need and things that can be cut. Losing weight has little to do with fitness. Working out helps but shedding pounds comes through a healthier diet. Making better choices with what you pick up with your hands and shove into your mouth. There isn’t a more accurate saying out there than “You are What You Eat”. That milk shake or grilled cheese will make your ass shake for hours. The good looking cooks on the Food Network(the few) don’t eat the entire entree they “test” on television. It’s a marketing ploy. Do what’s right for you and eat better. Start now. (throw the diet coke away too). 

Fried Foods-Fries, chicken wings, onion rings, mozzarella sticks…..
Extra Carbs-Rice, Bread, Pasta
Processed foods-Chips, pretzels, anything boxed between frozen foods and the deli.
Eating Late. Stop eating late. It’s bad. Imagine putting extra shit in a backpack that you don’t need and climbing a hill.
Fast food
Standard breakfast food(Pancakes, bacon, hash browns or toast). Try egg whites, oatmeal, a bagel thin with greek yogurt or a fruit bowl.
Extra Dark Meat(for the steak per day crew).
Creamy Salad Dressing
It’s not a healthy salad if it is drenched in ranch, cheese and bacon bits.
Over excessive salts(if you get carpal tonal from using the shaker, that’s bad).
Movie theater popcorn, I’ve worked at one and it’s just bad what goes into that popper. Any other movie theater concession item for that matter.
Trade butter for olive oil.
Vegetable oil for corn oil.
Use smaller amounts of cheese. Quesadillas aren’t good at all.
Peanuts that aren’t at least lightly salted.
Anything in a gas station(processed, even the sandwiches and salads aren’t good).
Taquitos are hell sticks!

Stop drinking Red Bull and every other energy drink. Normal energy drinks at 12oz or more have at least 45 grams of sugar in them. That’s 45 packets of sugar in them! If it says sugar free, throw that away too. Sugar Free Red Bull still has Aspartame in it. That’s located in artificial sweeteners(sweet n’ low and splenda). It rots your kidneys and isn’t good. Want to wake up without being pile drived? Get a 5 hour energy. Small amount and it actually works. If I had a picture of me sleeping with a redbull in my hand, I’d put it here. It happened.

Service Announcement-I can’t help you lose weight. Controlling myself is hard enough. I can list a few things to avoid and better tactics. Such as…

Eat MORE VEGGIES. Don’t like the taste…well, go pick out a fucking tombstone then. Veggies carry little to zero carbs and feed your body the horsepower it needs. Trade the chips for carrot chips. Sweet peppers. Cucumbers. Get acquainted now before your doctor tells you to.

Eating healthier is NOT more expensive. Last time I checked, veggies were still cheap and so is boneless chicken breast. Don’t worry about going gluten free because unless you have Celiac disease, gluten isn’t too bad for you.

I didn’t sell you anything but I may help you. It’s not supposed to be easy but trust me you will feel better and you might live longer. Not preaching. Just spreading the word. I’ve eaten a fair share of those foods in moderation but even then felt sick and horrible afterwards. There are better ways. Start here.

Any questions, drop a comment here or find me on Twitter. 

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