Sin City Offers Something Different


First off, I don’t care how much money this movie made at the box office. That is something the critic has to block out when reviewing a film. It can referenced in a small area but if I judged films on how much money they made over others, Daddy Day Care might find its way onto a top ten list somewhere. My review of the movie, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

I will hand it to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. They offer something no other movie can dare come close to with Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. A hard boiled bloody sexy pulpy action blast that has the heart and soul of a comic book. If you can’t find another word for it, original is a plain enough description for their collaboration here.

Look, this isn’t high art, folks. The dialogue is heavy and the blood is graphic and brought to the screen with bright lime green or a dark brutal red. Characters speak in short quick bursts and it’s very dramatic. The good thing is the cast here buys into the madness and plays it the hand of cards hard instead of shortening their stroke. There is no room here for Oscar worthy performances. Only memorable death scenes. And that is completely fine because Sin City, Round 2 is all about expectations. Walk into the theater looking for something wild, crazy and you may get it.

Do you want to see Eva Green play badass and spend half the film naked with a gun in her hand? This movie is for you. She is the Dame to Kill For and doesn’t make you think twice about the notion. Green is a great actress and beautiful. She isn’t why cavemen chiseled on walls but I am sure a fair amount of men(and women) would fight for the French Queen.

Do you want to see Mickey Rourke put the three layers of makeup on and have a boatload of fun playing a lovable beast? Come on in.

Do you want to watch the wise tricks of Joseph Gordon-Levitt get put to work here as a gambler that is too good to be alive? Buy a ticket.

Powers Boothe was born to play a bad guy and he chews apart every scene he is in. Jessica Alba offers a few moments of acting before she grinds a pole on a stage with a thirst for revenge. Jeremy Piven and Christopher Meloni show up and contribute. The cast has something for everybody so come on down if you like slick August fun.

The ensemble cast all does fine work except for Josh Brolin, who has one of the meatiest roles in the film yet falls flat. Brolin takes over the character of hopeless wanderer Dwight and fumbles it. Brolin is WAY too serious and has two expressions. Contrived and Moody. For a guy who usually puts his stamp on every role, the movie doesn’t unleash Brolin’s charisma or versatile skill set at all. It was a kill joy in a film full of different kinds of pleasure.

The look is amazing and that is the true allure. The entire film is shot on a stage at Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios and you wouldn’t dare imagine it all happened in one building. He creates a world here that few films can dare touch. The highlight of this film is the distorted black and white vintage look. The visual pleasure is over the top but kept in place by a (mostly) game cast.

When I left the film, certain images and scenes stuck out to me. Others drifted. I didn’t feel compelled to stop people in the street. I didn’t leave thinking the film was amazing and it will never be as good as the first due to the freshness of the material. I can say I saw a good flick and another example of filmmakers thriving on a particular platform.

Rodriguez takes the words of Miller and spins them into his own fun house. If you dig this sort of thing, you will have fun. If you don’t like being splattered with comic book glory, it may be best to stay away.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For asks you to buy in. I did and left happy.

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