Scarlett Muscles The Rock and more bits

thScarlett Johansson stands about 5 foot 3 inches and weighs around 120 pounds soaking wet(pure guess) yet was able to muscle The Rock and other box office challengers this past weekend. Why? Scarlett playing a character with little memory and full brain power capacity is too hard for men and women to resist. The Rock trained for 6 months, got ugly, wore a fake beard and makeup but was unable to beat the little smoking hot lady at the box office. Hercules got his ass kicked by Scarlett’s Lucy and that’s why the movies are great and unpredictable. You never know who is going to come out on top but in the end, boobs and brains will always beat muscle. That is, unless, Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett are both on the big screen in a movie like Avengers.

What else is there to talk about on a weekday? Let’s run down the list of stuff.  A collection of writing from Monday through Friday.

  • Comic Con came and went in San Diego. A place where movie and comic book geeks get to see their heroes in person and get their freak on is a glorious occasion. If I had money and time, I would be there. There was a Banshee panel as well as teasers for Mockingjay, Batman And Superman, and Avengers 2. Lots of good stuff but yeah if I had to choose I would spend the bulk of my time over at the Cinemax cable series table.
  • Arch City Sports is a website that is growing rapidly and it was built from the ground up by Mick Lite. I am very happy to call myself an administrator for the site and it gives me hope that when I have the proper time Film-Addict can launch the same way. If not, it’s a cool way to see movies for free, grab the occasional interview and connect with movie fans.
  • The Rams opened mini camp and Kurt Warner came by to throw a few passes and do an interview with Sam Bradford. Warner looks great and no doubt the move to Arizona helped his overall health and career. He is a special player and person. He was stocking shelves in a grocery store and became a National Sports hero inside a year. He brought two SHIT franchises to the Super Bowl. He’s got awesome status for life.
  • Three great television series end this year. Boardwalk Empire, Newsroom and Sons of Anarchy. Next year, Mad Men goes off the air. The rest of TV needs to buck up and deliver some new addictions.
  • The Leftovers is a good show. Interesting, quirky and original. I do see how it turns people off though. Dark subject matter. Dogs killed and weird events. I will keep watching but I am not fully onboard yet.
  • Ray Donovan is a simple pleasure. Great acting with an easy premise. Liev Schrieber as the title character, an LA fixer with all kinds of family issues and a target on his back. The supporting cast is stellar. There is a little action beneath the surface but people clamoring for it to be something different need to let up. It’s solid and its due in part to Liev’s bad ass convincing portrayal of Ray. He leaves a little undetected in this tragically broken older brother and its a nice role for the veteran thespian.
  • The Knick on Cinemax is one I would dive into this summer. Clive Owen. Steven Soderbergh and NY Doctors in the early 1920’s. Let it rip. Cinemax taking a swing.
  • Sergey Kovalev is a KO machine but Bernard Hopkins is an artist and master of the sweet science. That will be a good fight in November.
  • The Cards made a couple trades and loaded up on starting pitching. When you can get another team to take 25 million dollars off your next three years of payroll and a declining 30 year old player with them, I am all for it. Allen Craig and Joe Kelly were good but I like getting John Lackey for this stretch and next year. He pitches brilliantly in the World Series against the Cards and helped close the door on the 2014 postseason when he outdueled Michael Wacha in Game 6. The Cards do need to hit but they also need reliable innings and Lackey and Justin Masterson can provide those.
  • The Blues and Rams need to get to work but I will say this. Doug Armstrong has loaded up the Blues defensive depth in addition to adding Peter Stastny. Armstrong is adding difference making depth the roster and while it’s impossible to see the effect on next April’s playoffs, I like the effort. Cut ties with Miller, put Elliott in charge, install Allen, let Sobotka go back to Russia and sign the hometown kid Stastny.
  • The Rams are starting training camp. I hope for an 8-8 or 9-7 season. Improvement.
  • The blessing in disguise of losing my premium cable is hanging out with my dad. Thursday nights are softball followed by cable series and cigars at my dads. It’s a good thing.
  • Fuck Ray Rice. He had his chance at the initial press conference with his wife there to make a sincere apology and read from a script. What a dope. Save me the team written words Ray. Rice made another appearance yesterday and said all the right things. Too late. Fuck him. He didn’t just lay his hands on a woman. He knocked her out cold. He should have been suspended 4 games instead of 2 and forced to attend female empower classes for months. There’s a sacred oath in this world and it’s not placing your hands on a woman. This neanderthal crossed a huge line and can never take that back. I will now be rooting against the Ravens and Rice because of the team’s handling and his false attempt at redemption the first time. And John Harbaugh said it’s not a big deal. Well, let’s have Ray come over and knock your wife out in front of your kid you win total hugging asshole. What a disgrace.

I’ll end it on that. Rice is scum and I hope AFC teams hunt him down and blast him a few times on the field. If I was lining up against Ray I would for the privilege to lay him out.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend,

Buffa(with a pic of Vinny because his mug is far better than mine)


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