Melissa McCarthy’s Latest Is Terrible

tammyThere’s a scene during Tammy, where Melissa McCarthy screw up lost soul tells her grandma(Susan Sarandon, slumming in the movie ghetto here) that she can sleep with anyone in the restaurant. We all know she can’t and she fails miserably on his first try. Less than 10 minutes later, when nice guy Mark Duplass comes along, suddenly, Tammy says its best to not rush into things. That’s the fast forward too quick to think character development going on in this movie. It’s terrible. Skip it.

What’s the problem with this movie? A lot but let’s start with McCarthy. Ever since she stole Bridesmaids with her fat disgusting branded humor, she has played the same exact character in every movie. Tweaked a bit here and there but the same annoying lovable loser type who is supposed to steal our hearts in the end. Unless you pair her with other more talented actresses, she basically flops. Remember last year’s Identity Theft with Jason Bateman. She is playing the same person in Tammy, a movie that isn’t funny, edgy or even halfway enjoyable.

The strokes of Ben Falcone’s script(written with McCarthy) are so broad and predictable that you’d rather have an ice cream cone dumped on your head than sit through the meandering cliched recycled plot. There’s nothing new here or engaging enough. With the summer heat in full swing outside, I thought for a second about going outside and running in circles while screaming the number of reasons people shouldn’t see this movie. It’s bad. Very bad.I wouldn’t report it for spam, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a kid.

Sarandon tries to play a dirty old cool grandma but the dialogue doesn’t do her enough good for having so many scenes. It gets very tired very quick. Kathy Bates shows up for a handful of scenes, nails a poorly written speech and even she can’t redeem this flick. Toni Collette is wasted in a two bit role. Dan Aykroyd shows up for a scene and looks like he just walked onto the set as a last second hail mary plot device. Gary Cole and Allison Janney also have fleeting meaningless roles. Nothing works in this film and it’s hard to watch.

I have never been a fan of McCarthy but the preview made me think this one could be different. McCarthy was so good back in the day when she played the best friend of Lauren Graham’s lead character on Gilmore Girls. She mixed drama, sass and a fine dose of comedy into a very enjoyable role that went down like candy. These days, she is happy to hack up scripts doing the same pratfall fat jokes that should have been retired years ago.

Tammy isn’t edgy enough to redeem it’s tired premise and the heartwarming finale rings as false as anything I have seen in a resolution this entire year at the movies.

I left wanting to know which movie I would see again if I had a gun to my head and my life on the line. Transformers: Age of Extinction or this pile of junk? Is it really bad that I would probably choose the one that’s 75 minutes longer than the other? You bet.

Tammy is terrible. Don’t see it. Don’t even rent it. Just pay me the compliment of convincing you it may not exist.

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