The Bullet Round

With the Blues and Blackhawks waging war today in The Windy City and the home stead dialed down to a quiet roar right now, allow me to fire out a bullet round full of versatile material. Expect everything and wear extra padding if you feel the need. I used to write these once a week, but since my writing is stretched all over the cyber net today I only bang them out once in a while. Here it goes.

  • Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda was caught with pine tar on his neck and will miss 10 games, or 2 starts. Pineda is a great young pitcher but felt the need to waste his talents on corrupt material. What a dope. Players continue to look for angles to cheat in a sport that is doing all they can to clean the sport up. No sympathy.
  • The Hawks may be up 3-2 in this series, but I don’t feel like the Blues are really hanging off the edge. This has been a very close series and each team has skin in the game. Chicago is the defending champs and St. Louis is doing all they can to topple the king. I expect a bloody rage fueled Game 6.
  • I like the Henrik Lundqvist commercial with the Rhino racing towards him that explodes into a thousand pucks. He’s a solid goaltender and the spot works very well.
  • The song that plays in the Honda Civic commercial is by a blues group called Vintage Trouble but unfortunately the song isn’t available yet. The band is pretty good.
  • The first time I heard Pharrell’s “Happy” tune was at the Oscars and I loved it. Upon hearing it for the 98th time this past week, I feel like stabbing someone. The radio can be brutal overkill for music. Play something else!
  • I can’t tell you how many goals the Blackhawks have scored this series by flicking the puck at the net from the right point. Yes, it’s 1-0 Hawks in the first period.
  • Bryan Bickell needs to be knocked out. Leave Seabrook alone and knock out this deflection beast in front of Ryan Miller.
  • I swear if I have to see another picture of a dog brutalized from a dog fight I may walk outside my house and challenge the first ugly person to a fist fight. Poor pit bulls being torn apart via fight meant make horrible men money in the gambling trade. Yes, every time this comes to mind I think of a certain QB because when he did this, it made a lot of people think it was cool to do. Michael Vick isn’t the only one but he inspired a lot of others to take it up. Fuck him and them sincerely.
  • I am not a hunter and never will be. Sure, let’s sit in a ditch in the woods with a gun making weird sounds hunting deer when we can buy the meat at the store. Let’s arm the animals instead. If you are going to hunt, use a damn knife. Earn it. Don’t shoot from a distance. That’s coward shit.
  • My friend PJ and I use an old technique called the Edgar Renteria effect and it just worked with The Blues and Oshie. We complain about a player for not contributing and then he scores or gets a hit. It can’t be overdone but when it is used right the damn strategy can’t be beat.
  • Lucas Matthysse won his fight on Saturday night by knocking a guy out in the 5th round. It would be thrilling to match him up against The Russian Rocky Ruslan Provodnikov. Sometimes you have to just lower the hands and bang in the center of the ring. These two fighters don’t allow the sweet science to get in the way of a good old fashioned blood knuckle battle. Boxers train for weeks to get ready for 12 rounds of boxing and why waste that time dancing around the ring. If you have the chin for it, go for the bruise early and often. I hope this fight happens.

  • Allen Craig is hitting .170 with a homer and 5 RBI. The guy is stuck in a dreadful drought and for fans who consider this guy a machine, it’s a shock. Well, he just blooped a hit into right field for an RBI single. The same fans who loved him last year now want him demoted to Memphis. Get a grip. The short attention spans in sports are laughable.
  • Jhonny Peralta may not be hitting for the highest average but he does have 5 HR so far and I will take it. He is a mistake hitter right now and that’s better than Pete Kozma. Peralta doesn’t dazzle you with his glove but he does make the routine plays and doesn’t embarrass a defense. He has given the Cards what they wanted and that’s more power.
  • The Blues have taken too many penalties this season and it hasn’t stopped in the playoffs yet it’s the Blackhawks today who are pressing and have taken 6 penalties.
  • The NBA playoffs have started……I have nothing.
  • Listening to playoff hockey on the radio is pure torture. Announcers are great but still…hanging on edge of the seat.
  • Unlike baseball and most football, I can watch NHL playoff action all night. So emotional and competitive.
  • No Mock draft for me. I care to analyze AFTER the draft. Why get your hopes up when you aren’t even in the war room.
  • Johnny Manziel isn’t the pick for the Rams. That kind of pressure and confusion in camp will do Sam Bradford and the Rams NO GOOD.
  • The Cleveland Browns should look at Johnny. They need that kind of exciting marketable talent in their franchise right now.
  • The Cardinals have scored 7 runs today. April 27th is not the time to freak out about the bats. It’s 162 games and 6 months of a season. Save the nervous moments for the higher temperatures.
  • Season 3 of Banshee is filming in Charlotte right now with the entire cast and crew dishing out juicy pics and info via Twitter. I have serious crush on this show. It’s one of the most complete series to come along in a long time. Every Friday at 9pm I need to throw a punch or impersonate a sheriff to get by.
  • The Knick on Cinemax is a new show worth watching. Clive Owen and Steven Soderbergh making a show about doctors back in the day. Count me in.
  • Mark Strong and Sacha Baron Cohen playing brothers in a comedy means you can count me in right now.
  • Getting rejected by a film critics circle isn’t the end of the world. You just keep working and someone will notice. Unless you write in a cave.
  • Coffee is so good I could drink it all day. Seriously, drinking good coffee is a mood boost and fuels good writing. However, there is a timer on every cup. It gets cold and I want no part of it. When it comes to coffee I am not loyal to one brand.
  • Writing LESS is not necessarily better but you do find more tighter subject matter and better ways to sharpen your output. Pick your spots better as well.
  • Nicer weather means barbecues, firewood hangouts, lawn mowing, more sweating and a lot more showers. A give and take relationship.
  • Jhonny Peralta can be The Cardinals version of Dan Uggla all season long. HR, sub .200 hitter and average defense. Bring it on.
  • The Blues skate into the 3rd period and two goals in the span of a minute and 13 seconds makes it 3-1 Hawks. Ryan Miller let a soft goal in for the third tally. A breakaway that barely got under the pads is the kind of goal that supposed big time goalies like Miller will be remembered by unless he changes that. He was brought here not to take the the team to the cup but complete that circle of need the team sought out. So far, Corey Crawford has outplayed him. Crawford did it last year when the Hawks shocked the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals. He played out of his mind.
  • Game of Thrones is my new MUST watch show. Every Sunday at 8pm I am ready to rock and roll. The large cast, unpredictable deaths, and drama is very well done. With Banshee out of commission for the summer, I will take this round of awesome sauce.
  • Blues down 4-1 and it’s over. Miller will be blamed. That’s valid but there’s more to it. The whole Blues team couldn’t rise to the occasion and take down the Hawks. There were turnovers and power plays wasted by the Blues. The goaltending may not have been the issue all along but it isn’t the only leak seen in the series. A passionate hard fought series ends one way and the Hawks simply finish better. And get better goaltending.

That’s all I got. Laundry to do. Dinner to cook. Coffee to be pursued. The house is getting loud again. Next time folks I will spin more thoughts. For now I am done.


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