1917 Soundtrack Hits The Live Stage

1888470_985903310420_585129979_nOn Thursday night at The Coliseum in downtown St. Louis, a couple miles from Scottrade Center where playoff hockey was getting fired up, a local band 1917 Soundtrack was starting their live stage experience. The Coliseum is a showcase for a number of artists, featuring painters, models and musicians. In a special event hosted by RAW, an enterprise designed to give indie bands and artists a shot at stardom, 1917 Soundtrack didn’t waste their opportunity. Mario Mathon, Jordan Mays and Amonte Henry hit the stage with precision and verve and had the crowd engaged for their full 30 minute set.  This is the land of the free and home of the independent artists who strive every day to make their next day the moment they take off. All three men work regular everyday jobs and get their feet dirty. That’s the game. Work your way by day and reach towards the future by night. They came to the stage dressed as hardcore blues brother gangsters Thursday, with stylish button up collared shirts and vests to go with shiny slacks. In order to impress, you have to look the part as well. While their sound is still coming together and there were some technical difficulties regarding the vocals, Mathon and company didn’t waste a second Thursday night.
photo (10)Mathon is the true character of the group, a man who uses every inch of the stage to let his body express the words that are flowing from his mouth. He will talk to the audience in between songs, promoting the bands social media pages while he catches his breath before the next song.  Henry is the beast behind the drums, setting up the pace and raising the roof. Off the stage, he is the rock of the group. He holds the three body tripod of musical synergy together.  Mays is the silver lining, playing the guitar like the room and life of the song depended on it. He is a man of few words, a gunslinger with an electric lady in his hands.  With additional help from local musicians, 1917 Soundtrack were playing the first of hopefully many live shows at The Coliseum with many family and friends in tow. The longer they were on stage, the harder it was for faces to keep their eyes off the stage. That’s a true band for you trying to make it big. They draw you in slowly with the performance and lock you in before they exit the stage. With a million different things happening in the room and with competing artists awaiting their chance right off the stage, 1917 Soundtrack played like they didn’t want to leave.

Tonight, they take the stage as the headliner artist at Cicero’s.  1917 Soundtrack will be touring extensively this summer and hopeimage (8)
to hit Las Vegas before they stop. Everything with a local band like this carries the audacity and allure of a dreamer. Mathon, Henry and Mays are making their play to be full time musicians. I can relate to that because I work a 40 hour gig every week while pushing my writing. Without dreams in this life, you may as well lock yourself in a room and throw away the key. You can find love in this life but you need to have something to chase. 1917 Soundtracks chases the dream every time they step on stage, whether it’s The Coliseum, Cicero’s or the Las Vegas strip.

This is the time you want to get in on the act. Follow this band now. Don’t wait until they explode. There isn’t a more special feeling than finding good music. Get out to Cicero’s tonight at 7 p.m. and see what I am talking about.











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