Weekly Sendoff

I’m going to Kentucky this weekend so allow me to fire off some words before I depart.   I’ll be back but in order to truly enjoy a weekend your head has to be clear and you writing weapon must be empty.  Here we go.  Random and obviously delusional.  

  • The Cards lost to the Cubs last night.  Who cares?  Sometimes Polar Bears go for jogs too.  We can get over it.  We lost our 5 game win streak but didn’t leave Wrigley last night without Mike Matheny nearly killing a hot head umpire.  In the 9th inning, home plate ump Dan Bellino(if that’s not his name I don’t care, I almost used dickhead joe) rung up Matt Adams and the big guy didn’t like the call.  He turned to the ump and said “No chance” and a few more none threatening words and without delay Ump Dick pulled off his mask and waved off Adams with his hand.   That’s just disrespectful.  Why not tell Adams it was a strike and that’s it?  Most umpires take the high road and just stay cool.  This hot head lost it and just resorted to childish maneuvers.   Matheny stepped out of the dugout and was ready to tear the ump in half and when the game ended and he had to exit the Cards dugout, Big Mike let him have it.  This is why I love Matheny.  He goes to bat for his players and doesn’t care about fines.  He’ll pay the price to unload his piece of mind on an umpire.  He got ejected 2 times in his career as a player and in 2 seasons as a manager he has gotten kicked out 4 times.  That’s not Tommy LaSorda mindlessness.  It’s defending his young players.   Matt Adams is a rookie and the ump used that to his advantage.  I am sure if Matt Holliday was standing there the hands wouldn’t have waved anywhere and the mask would be on.  Umpires aren’t stupid.  They pick fights they can win.   Last night, in my mind, we lost the game but Matheny helped us take one of the important battles.   I love the guy for that reason alone.  
  • Other game notes.  Westbrook pitched fine and the Cards caught former Redbird Edwin Jackson on a night where his slider was working and we hit like pigeons.  The Cubs got 3 early runs and made them stick.  We cranked a lot of balls well but right at Cubs outfielders and the wind was blowing in.   So we lost.  Big deal.  We go back at them today and every time we get shut out the next day we seem to come to the park locked and loaded.  
  • Matt Holliday left the game with a hamstring injury, pulling up short of first after a groundout.  Early signs have it as a cramp or slight pull.  If the thing popped, we’d know about it today and get the bad news.  I think it’s a bad cramp or pull and he may miss a week.   The Cards are ready for this.   We have an arsenal of weapons ready for this kind of loss.  Adams moves to first base and Allen Craig goes to left field.  Big Adams gets a spotlight and Holliday gets a rest.  If needed, there’s a guy named Brock Petersen with 20 HR in Memphis who can fill a bench role for a week or two.  Bench power is an underrated weapon in a 162 game season.
  • Edward Mujica has 25 saves.  Something I thought you should know.  While Mitchell Boggs wilted like a dead flower after a blown save, here is what Eddie did after Thursday’s blown save in Anaheim.  He pitched in six consecutive games, recording 5 saves and a win.  That’s all.  We saw his resolve and tenacity and its stronger than iron.  Okay, almost as strong as iron.  
  • My interview with Virginia Madsen is up on Film-Addict.com.  I am proud of the piece and the 20 minutes I got to talk with her.  She’s a strong woman as well as a talented Oscar nominated actress.  It was my pleasure. Check it out.  
  • Don’t forget to check out our character actor spotlights every Saturday.  We take a look at the actors you often can’t match a name with the face.  Last night I did a piece on Mark Strong, and you can read that below.  This week I tackle the British actor Idris Elba(Stringer Bell From The The Wire) and his many exploits.  Something that we are trying to do a little differently.  
  • Once again, I have no problem with the Blues trading David Perron.  He is an underachieving player who had a chance here and was going to cost the team 3.8 million this season.   We traded him for a younger bigger player with an upside that we haven’t seen yet.  Why not?  Cry all you want about the Frenchie departing, but it was him or TJ Oshie and because TJ has the ridiculous 5 year contract he stays put.  Perron will never score 30 goals because he hasn’t been the same since his concussion two years ago.   Magnus Paajarvi is a younger bigger more ambitious talent and could help the Blues and cost less.  The Blues still have to sign Pietro, Chris Stewart and Jake Allen.  There is limited cap space.  Who do you keep..Perron or Stewart?   Perron scored 10 goals in 48 games last season.  Stewart is a streaky player but can net 10 goals in less than 2 weeks when he is hot.   Just saying.  Blues cut dollars and added talent here and the move was needed.  Get over it.  
  • Sam Bradford is set up to succeed.  He led an improved red zone offense in the last half of the 2012 season and got some new toys this past offseason.   Tavon Austin and Jared Cook will be newer bigger and faster targets for the young QB than previous chest plates.  Bradford has a decent third season after his disastrous sophomore campaign.  He played well, led the team to key victories and finished strong.  Jake Long will be protecting him this season with Roger Saffold swallowing his pride and moving to the left guard spot.  If Bradford stays upright, like most throwers, he will do fine.  If he is sacked a ton, guess what, he may fail more often.  NFL QB craftsmanship isn’t a hard game to crack.  You need to get protection.  It’s a team game.  It’s not golf or tennis.  A QB depends on his linemen and RB to throw their bodies in front of charging muscle bound enemies.  If they block for their QB, the plays will be made.  If not, well, grab the stretcher.  People make this game of contact out to be scientific but it’s not.  Survive.  Kill or be killed.  I expect big things from the Rams and in return Sam Bradford.
  • After a brief break to mow the lawn while the kid was down for a nap, I am back with more material before I depart on my trip.  Some random fire topics.   That is how you have to do it as a parent.  You have to be rational with your time and divide it up.  Go to the gym too late and he may not take a nap, which means no mow of the lawn.  Go home and he may hit a second win and there still will be no cut grass.  It’s so unpredictable being home with a kid NO MATTER what system you take on.  Being a parent isn’t easy at all.  No shortcuts.  Every other avenue in life has a shortcut.  Except parenting.
  • Hey George Zimmerman, what goes around comes around Mr. wannabe cop who was profiling a kid for no DAMN reason.  The sick power happy people in this world really need to have their ass set on fire.  And thrown in a cage with two alligators on veggie diets for the past two weeks.
  • Fruitvale Station, the true story of Oscar Grant is the best film I’ve seen all year.  Easily.  The movie rocked me in so many ways its not even describable.   I had to take a long walk after this film.  To think about it.  As I told my close friends via text afterwards, this movie with enough power and resonance for three films will buy up real estate in your soul and never leave.   It’s the best I’ve seen all year.  5/5.  Opens wide on July 26th. See it.  Please.  I’d join the advertising campaign for this movie.  Grant had a daughter and a girlfriend and a loving mother.  He had a criminal background but made a decision to go clean on New Year’s Eve of 2008.  He went out with his friends and girl. And then something happened.  That’s it.  It’s tragic, powerful, poignant and it will hit you.  Leave the prejudice ideals at home.  I won’t give you the trailer because you need to go into this film fresh and knowing as little as possible.  Don’t look up his name and spoil it.  Know this though.  Writer/director Ryan Coogler got the facts straight.  Believe me.  He tells it blow for blow.  This movie is award worthy.  You will know Michael B. Jordan’s name after this movie comes out.
  • Jason Statham deserves your attention.  Every time I watch this guy I feel like I am watching the best action hero since Bruce Willis went bald.  Check him out.  Does his own stunts.  He doesn’t need hair.  Talks like a gangster.  Loves his parents.  Dates a supermodel.  Drinks tea in between asskickings.  Do I need to go on?  Good.  Here is my first feature piece I wrote for Film-Addict and it’s on him.  Posted April, 2012.
  • The Newsroom, one of the best shows to arrive last year, returns for its second season Sunday.  Aaron Sorkin writes about what he feels and holds nothing back.  It’s impossible to leave politics out of the show but he is telling his side and doing it his way.  His writing these days is second to none.  His cast, especially Sam Waterson, Jeff Daniels and Olivia Munn, are aces.  Great show.  That and Banshee are MUST WATCH debuts from 2012 and early 2013.
As my fastball loses some heat, I am going to fire off one liners to wrap this erratic yet meaningful batch of prose up.  Stay calm.  I’m a professional.
*My first trip will be to NYC to see the One Freedom Tower and the waterfall dedication to the 9/11 victims.
*My beer of choice right now is Whale Ale, a mixture of pale ale and amber wheat.
*The Cubs aren’t a good team and if they win today, just remember they will never win a World Series.(no need to knock on wood)
*The Blackhawks may win another cup or two in the next five years.
*I think Vlad Tarasenko will score 30 goals this upcoming season.
*Jaro Halak is in contract year and has A LOT to prove so watch out.   
*Chris Stewart isn’t white.(contract status update)
*Give me cold weather over hot unless it’s just warm enough for me to not sweat off a pound within 30 minutes of being outside.
*I sweat like a broken pipe attached to a fresh water valve.
*Derek Jeter came back yesterday and already got hurt again.  He’ll retire after this season.
That’s it.  I’m firing guns this weekend, riding ATV’s, averaging a penis joke per 30 seconds and laying back.   It’s nice to get out of town every once in a while.  Off to Kentucky.  
Stay calm and live a little,
Dan L. Buffa

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