5 Things From Buffa

Random fire style here in a quick blunt dose of thought.  My hands are hot right now.  I wrote up an interview piece with Virginia Madsen, wrote a review of her film, posted a Red 2 screening giveaway and come to you now with a few bullets left in the chamber.  

1.  Cardinals Clicks.  The Cards regained equilibrium and took their season back.  After a June month spent spiraling out of control and into second place, the Birds have won 4 in a row on their home stand and aim to make it 5 tonight.   Over the weekend, we swept the Marlins, beating them in walkoff fashion, a beatdown on Friday and a close edge on Sunday.   Facing Houston last night, Waino went to 12-5 with a brilliant performance and the offense romped for 9 runs.  
Mitchell Boggs was traded to Colorado for international slot money(aka 200,000 dollars in draft cash) so that loose end is cut.  Marc Rzepcyzski is next.  Ty Wiggington’s stay with the Cards was cut short with Mozelaik cramming 4.5 million down the team’s throat and making a proper cut.  The loose fat is being taken off the team because rookie phenoms like Trevor Rosenthal, Kevin Siegrist and veterans like Edward Mujica are giving more than expected right now.  A playoff team has to make changes and stay sharp.  
The team is back to 54-34 and in sole possession of first place with 5 games against soft competition(Cubs and Wrigley for 4 games will be treacherous especially with the Cubs playing great ball) remaining.   That’s baseball for you.  Down one moment and up the next.  
I am okay with Pete Kozma at shortstop as long as Daniel Descalso platoons with him.  DD’s bat is sharper yet Kozma gives you the better defense.  Each will hit .230 over a long stretch of time so they can’t be exposed.  Matt Holliday is heating up after a rest in LA.  He is cranking those tailing low line drive home runs and hasn’t hit into as many DP’s lately.   
If Carlos Beltran wants to stay for another year, give him a 15 million dollar 2014 contract.  If he wants 2 years, you part ways.  Those knees won’t hold up for that long. 
Allen Craig continues to spit out run producing hits.  He has 71 RBI with 5 games left before the break.  Beltran has 52.  Holliday is nearly at 45.  Freese isn’t far behind.  Yadi is still hitting in the .340’s.   This team can be ridiculously multi-dimensional when they are all firing on every cylinder.   I still think we have the edge in the division.
Wainwright not pitching in All Star Game is fine by me.  I don’t want our players hurt in that game.  It decides home field advantage but you must get there first.  I love Waino wanting to give his spot to Mujica, who was more than deserving.   People want to see Aromis Chapman(20 saves and lot more blown chances than Eddie) throw 100 mph so he made the list over Chief.  Waino knows thats top rank baby back bullshit.  He’s first class.  
Loved Bernie Miklasz’s video this morning talking about the courageous fight of Chris Duncan.   Baby Dunc lost his lovely mother to cancer last month and is fighting brain cancer himself, doing chemo once a month.  He had a playing career cut short by injury but has made a transition into a radio and TV analyst.  The man is true grit personified. Breakfast With Bernie airs weekly around 9am on stltoday.com.  I am a Miklasz honk.  I have read his words since I was 6 years old.  He inspired my writing.  Love or hate his take, he inspired this guy to write and put his mental thoughts into motion.
2. DMB hits STL tonight.  Love or hate their music, the boys of summer always put on a show for their fans at Riverport.  They play for 3 hours, incorporate old hits, unknown gems, do a few covers and play some new material.  Rae asked me if they had anything new coming out and I said no.  This band loves to tour and play in front of their fans.  They don’t need a new album to support.  They do just fine making the rounds and they sell out every time.  Their fanbase isn’t all frat boys and pot heads.  I have gone to 5 shows and see a wide range in the age of the fans in their seats and shaking their asses to the music.   Dave Matthews and his crew just know how to put on a show.  The haters hate.  The admirers get their money’s worth.  The end.  It’s not scientific.  It’s music.  
3. The Blues are dumping David Perron off at the Oilers for an unknown and a draft pick.  That’s salary release right there.  One of them had to go.  Oshie or Perron.  The group had to be broken up.  Perron has the high end of maybe scoring 30 goals but he was too enigmatic to ever reach his potential.  Oshie has the 5 year deal no one wants.  Perron is a talented young Frenchman who may make Edmonton very happy but I just didn’t see it happening here.  Berglund has the upside of a big body and a potential wing man goal producer who doesn’t go blank in the playoffs.  Perron got on my nerves almost as often as Oshie because he just didn’t produce for a week at a time.  Doug Armstrong is trying to get Pietro, Stewart and Allen signed and under the cap.  
I approve of the Derek Roy move.  If healthy, he could be better than Andy McDonald and minus the concussion factor.   He is a playmaker who put together great years in Buffalo.  Max Lapierre is a talent as well.  The team needed new centers and Armstrong delivered.  
I don’t like the Jordan Leopold signing.  To me, he disappeared in the playoffs and played horrible defense at the big time.  Jay Bouwmeester is a great pickup.  Leopold was an average player and we keep him over the cheaper scrappier Kris Russell.  Strikeout.
I still think a goaltender is being moved.  I don’t see this team entering camp with three starting able goalies.  While I have contempt for Halak’s health, I’d keep him over Elliot because I think he is the better goalie when healthy and is better in the playoffs.  Armstrong says 3 is fine but I think not. 
4. Music to Listen to.  Simple listing of 3 tunes to grab, listen to and digest properly.
The National-Start a war
The Fossil Collective-The Magpie
The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-The Toll
5.  Watched a hell of a documentary on public defenders on HBO called Gideon’s Army.  In 1961, the Supreme Court decided every arrested soul deserved the right to council and created the spot for lawyers to be assigned free practice.  These are true renegade lawyers who work long hours, have 100 cases at a time and most of the 15,000 members of Gideon’s Army give a shit.  Travis Johnson, down in Gainesville, Florida, wears his cases like a badge of honor.  He puts the winners on a bulletin board in his office.  He gets the cases that he lost and should have won imprinted on his body.  The last name of an inmate he lost a case for gets tattooed on his back as a reminder.  Every convict has to enter a guilty plea because that’s the way the system is designed. It’s the public defender’s job to prove to the jury that the innocence is there or basically show up and watch a guilty man get put away.  They defend the scum and the rest and get dirty in the process.  Watch the doc and get a dose of their life.  I have a newfound respect for these people.  
That’s all I got.  I have more to write but I’m out of time.  I’ve withheld from listening to a lot of DMB over the past few months in preparation for this show tonight.  It’s time to get the kid up from his nap and get the night rolling.  
Thanks for reading and see you next time in the Buffa Nerve Center,

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