The Quick Read

Stay tuned, I am going to make this quick and painless.   The Buffa News Reel. 

Vincent Buffa is home.   At last, my kid exited the hospital today around 1130am and came home to a quiet house of feeding, sleeping and plenty of trips for the Browns to the Super Bowl.   If one thing was consistent the past few days, it was my kid’s ability to produce a solid shit.   If babies had shit charts tracking their diaper disposals, Vinny is up there.  His heart rate is being controlled by medication and so far, so good.  Keep your fingers crossed(save the prayers) and think of my boy when you rise out of bed in the morning.  Rachel and I were treated to a dose of reality this weekend.  Anything can happen, good or bad. 

Tim Tebow Gets the Nod in Denver-Ask me, and its about time.  What is wrong with plugging in a firecracker rookie at quarterback to spark your team?  Former Head Coach Josh McDaniels drafted this kid with Denver and after he was fired last season and Kyle Orton got hurt, Tebow took over and produced a couple solid games to end the 2010 season.   His throwing is unorthodox and his mechanics need work, but that’s why football teams hire quarterback coaches and give rookies time.  If Tebow knows how to do one thing, it’s win with intensity.  This kid got bloodied up at Florida, and ran up and down the sidelines screaming at his team to keep the faith and fight back.  Tebow is a physical specimen and has something a ton of more gifted football players lack.  A true desire to be great.   Tebow will only get better at the scout love requirements if he plays more.  Reps are required for improved play.   The Broncos are 1-4 under Kyle Orton and save me the Orton defense.   Save me the bullshit about him coming to work each day knowing the fans want Tebow.  Athletes are paid millions of dollars to overcome obstacles put up by their fans, coaches, and their own inner demons.  Here’s the facts.  Orton had one great statistical season last year under McDaniels and when he was fired, Orton took a turn for the worst, back to his Chicago Bear average days.  This season, he simply didn’t play well, throwing 7 interceptions to only 3 touchdowns.  It was time for a change.  Denver President John Elway and Head Coach John Fox aren’t stupid here.  They know Tebow will bring the fans, money and excitement to Denver.  If you are going to lose, do it with an exciting rookie and dismiss the boring veteran who can’t produce.  Evidence needed still?  Look at last Sunday.  Tebow takes over after halftime and turns a 14 point deficit into a 5 point loss for the Broncos by running for a score and throwing for one.   During his two games last season, he engineered a memorable comeback against the Texans.   Will Tebow become a great QB?  Time will tell.  I am saying the kid is talented and deserves a shot.  He waited and was patient and has worked his ass off at improving.  Now, he takes over a 1-4 team with a chance to produce.   Stop whining and accept it. 

Theo Epstein goes to Chicago-News of the day here.  The Cubs have a new general manager.   Theo leaves the Red Sox after 9 seasons and two World Series to take over a new challenge.   Restore another cursed franchise.   Epstein is a smart kid and will provide the Cubs with the proper resources to become a winning team.  Will he turn them into a World Series?  Not so fast.   The Cubs are still the Cubs.  Epstein will need time to reload the roster and turn this team into a contender for the playoffs.  I will admit Theo will make this team a contender.   He will call about Albert and Prince Fielder.  The Cubs have money to spend, so keep your eyes and ears ready.   He was only 29 when he took over in Boston after Billy Beane turned down John Henry’s 12.5 million dollar offer.   Theo will restore the Cubs.  How long will it take?   I am interested to find out but a GM can only do so much.   Theo had similiar money in Boston and produced a World Series in 2004, 2 years after his arrival.   It’s hard to doubt the kid but it’s hard to show faith in the sad bears.   He gets 20 million over 4 years to manage the little Bears.

NLCS Intrigue-A small rant before the first pitch flies across home plate with rain coming down.   Carpenter puts 2 guys on base yet gets the fly out to Jay and doubles Mark Kotsay off first base to end a seemingly erratic first inning.   Carpenter shares interesting splits against the Brewers in 2011.   2 great starts at home and 2 rough starts on the road.   He finished the season by holding the Brewers to 2 runs in 17 innings at Busch, and that’s where he faces them tonight.  Brewers young ace Yovani Gallardo finished 17-10, but only 1-3 on the season against the Cards.   He shut us down on May 7th, but struggled in August and September, especially against Albert Pujols.   AP collected 6 hits in 11 at bats, including 3 home runs.   Rafael Furcal and Pujols homered in the first inning twice off Gallardo.   Look for an early assault on him but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a pitching duel tonight after 2 offensive explosions in Game 1 and 2.   The Cards control their fate and can snag the next 3 games and head to the World Series, but I see this series reaching a full 7 games.   

Update-Cards erupt for 4 runs in the first inning off Gallardo, including a RBI double by Albert and a two out opposite field double from the white hot David Freese.   Watching Freese bash hits to the opposite field over and over again, you wonder why the defense doesn’t throw 2 outfielders in right field.   Opposite field power like no other. 

Blues Rebound and Get First Win-After falling 4-2 to the Preds on Saturday, the Blues avenged the loss and won 5-2 on Monday afternoon against the Flames.   10 different Blues collected points and Chris Stewart scored a goal with the softest set of hands of all time, floating a backhander over for the final nail.   This team is deep offensively.   Jason Arnott collected a goal and an assist and Jamie Langenbrunner knocked in an assist.   Pietro and Shatty scored from the point and the Blues looked good in their second home game.  Now they hit the road for 3 games, enduring their first real test of the season.  Road warriors or not?

The Avengers Trailer is for the crowd who can forget about reality, dive into the land of superheroes and get a kick out of wild action.   Also, Robert Downey Jr. is in it as Tony Stark aka Iron Man.  That’s enough for me.  Dig it or not, I’ll be watching. 

The Bill and Lions are for real.   This doesn’t surprise me if you watched these teams last year.  They score points and plays bend but dont break defense.   One of them at least makes the playoffs. 

The Brewers Come Back and Get 3 runs off Carp to cut it to 4-3.   I don’t like this from my ace pitcher.  Carp needs to do better.  I’d expect this from average arms like Lohse or Jackson. 

The NBA lost 2 weeks of play.  I don’t care because I have no emotional connection to NBA action which stems from the fact there is no St. Louis team to get behind.  Go ahead and cancel the rest of the season.   Players have to learn to save money one way or another.  NBA action is boring anyway.  Get them ready for the playoffs.  I’ll take a playoff faceoff in June. 

That’s it.  Time to run and watch the rest of this game while finishing dinner, taking care of the little guy and doing other fatherly and husband like duties.  It’s my life. 

Thanks for reading,


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