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The Alberto Pujols Rant-
A fastball was heading towards the inside corner.  Pujols saw it, recognized the speed and make, and drilled it to left field.  He slowly walked towards first base, watching the ball sail out like a father watches his son go to college.  He flipped his bat and gave an emphatic look towards first.  The damage was done.  Albert knew it.  The Brewers knew it and we knew it.  Albert Pujols was going to put on a show.
I’m going to give it to you straight.  Alberto Pujols is an MVP.   Few players in sports can dominate the way Pujols can during a single game and like any legendary talent, Albert rebounds from an off night with a clear bang.  A 4 hit night.  A home run and 3 doubles.  5 RBI.  A flawless night at first base.  One flip of the bat included.  When asked what the STL beat writers will say when he explodes, Derrick Goold said, “we will say you made adjustments”.   Albert responded with, “I’m pretty good at that, mang.”  Trash collectors make adjustments.  Albert Pujols just loves to rake history. Previously 1-9 against Shaun Marcum, Alberto Pujols torched a soft 4 seam fastball for a majestic bomb in the first inning that hushed the Milwaukee faithful and sank a knife into their team.  That’s Alberto Pujols.  Who has a bigger impact on a game?  Pujols singlehanded did enough to beat the Brewers in Game 2.   No player puts the media on their knees or make fans jaws drop faster than Pujols. Fact.

If this NLCS is a boxing match between the two biggest free agent first basemen in sports history, Pujols clearly took round 2.   Prince Fielder hit a game changing 2 run bomb in Game 1 but Albert stamped his name into the box score last night.  He not only hit a 2 run bomb, but added 3 more extra base hits, including a laser to center field that made Loud Mouth Nyjer Morgan crash into the center field wall like Jose Canseco.   Alberta, who?  Pujols pulled his dick out last night and didn’t put it away until he got on the plane.  At his biggest moment, Pujols exceeded expectations.

When he has a good game, the Cards win the game most nights.  When he hits game changing baseballs, Pujols tromps an average pitching night by his starter and a 1 game deficit.   He is the greatest player of all time.  Make a case to say different.  I dare you.  Man, I triple dare you?

Who knows what he’ll make in free agency in November.  My feeling is he will once again take less than market value to play in Cardinal Red.  He’ll sign for less than Prince and once again surprise people.   Why would he want to leave a city where he isn’t even the highest paid player on the team but he owns the city and is the face of the franchise?  Who doesn’t want to be king?

Alberto Pujols is a MVP.  In every sense of the word. He is the most clutch hitter.  He is a gold glover at first.  He runs the bases more aggressively than any player.  He is devastatingly consistent.  He plays with the highest expectations each season.

Without Pujols, this team isn’t playing in the NLCS.  In a season where all his critics rallied to finally poke a hole in Pujols’ legend, he reminded them what greatness looks like.  In baseball, Pujols always reminds us to stay thirsty.

You feel that?  That tinkling sensation in your balls.  That’s the feeling I get watching Albert Pujols play baseball.  He’s the guy you hate to face.  While Ryan Braun and Fielder combine to have good games, Pujols does it all by himself.

The next time Albert struggles, remember he is one game away from reminding you how great he is.

I’m done here.  Albert isn’t finished yet. He still wants 9 other rings for the rest of his fingers.
The Rest
There’s no need to discuss much else in the game last night but here’s a few things.
-The Brewers ridiculous beast mode gestures didn’t happen because they were blown out.  The Cards don’t need a gesture every time they get a big hit.
-Edwin Jackson again proved why I don’t see him as a “must sign” pitcher in the offseason.  While he does the job of 6-7 innings while keeping his team in the game most nights he throws, Jackson never blows you away with a performance.  Also, Jake Westbrook has a no trade clause and won’t opt out of it for a younger kid.   Jackson isn’t worth the 12-13 million another team will hand him.  Look at his career record and that’s what he will give you.  I like the guy and will depend on him but there is no room for him on this team next season.
-The Cards piled on runs late just to prove what their lineup can do when everything is working.  11 run destruction.
-Prince Fielder’s 8th inning home run traveled over 400 feet but still only counted for one run.
-Nyjer Morgan didn’t tweet anything last night but Tony Plush was unavailable.
-Jason Motte pitched a much needed 9th inning to stay loose for save opportunities this week.
-It was very cool to see the emotion from Tony La Russa during the Cards big innings.   You can be as professional as a funeral home manager but pure excitement is infectious.
-Who else feels like shooting the TBS broadcasters along with wild dressing Craig Sabel?
-Is it illegal to hang Ray Vinson from a tree yet?
-The Cards win was highly important because now they have Chris Carpenter pitching Wednesday to take control rather than to survive.   The Cards have the Brewers right where we want them.  Tied with the next 3 games at Busch Stadium.


Dan Buffa

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