Talking ‘Heat 2’ with crime novelist, Meg Gardiner

It doesn’t take long for me to spot “Heat” around the corner. 27 years ago, it struck me dead to rights as a cinephile, and it continues to hold me in its scope as an adult. What Michael Mann created speaks to the level of detail that went into the 1995 film, and the breadcrumbs it left in its wake.

This past summer, Mann and crime novelist, Meg Gardiner, joined forces for “Heat 2,” a follow-up story that takes place years before the events of the film. The best-selling novel, Mann’s first, also covers events that take place years after the showdown between Al Pacino’s cop and Robert De Niro’s thief at LAX. Centered heavily around the future of Val Kilmer’s Chris Shiherlis, “Heat 2” is as riveting as the original film, stuffed with intricate detail to the highest degree.

Now, do you think it was Mann who wanted to work with Gardiner, a brilliant bestseller-writing machine? How did their partnership begin? Are we getting a film or television adaptation of “Heat 2” anytime soon?

In order to get the full story, and hear all about putting a sequel novel together with one of Hollywood’s most respected filmmakers, click below for my interview with Gardiner. She’s a wonderfully well-spoken writer who happens to adore “Heat” and is open to keeping a house in that world to rent for another chapter possibly.

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*Interview originally posted at my YouTube channel, In The Buff.

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