The Film Buffa at the movies: Defending Rotten Tomatoes, Anne Hathaway, and ‘Black Adam’ hype

Rotten Tomatoes is starting to get a bad rap, and it’s all due to superhero movies and STAR WARS movies. Spoiled fans of a franchise where the good guys never win or the bad guys never win, making the review website the bad guy because a bad tomato-rating affected their enjoyment of a movie.
My message to those people: Get over yourselves.
I hear this from film critics a lot. Rotten Tomatoes sucks! It doesn’t send the right message. It’s this and that, and whine-whine-whine. Here’s the thing. Those critics would change their opinion if RT selected them to be certified fresh film critics. I got in on my third try, but I don’t hold the mantle up like it’s some kind of big deal.
At the same time, I feel proud of it. It’s an accomplishment in my eyes, and a decent notch on the belt. RT is still the main epicenter for critics and fans to check for reviews, ratings, and thoughts. I still search for a film and look for its rating, because you can’t watch everything. A compass is required, and RT is that for me and millions of others.
It’s so easy to jump on the pile these days if something is being ripped apart. Twitter and Facebook are becoming popular, not in a good way, for this. For instance, in addition to RT on the net this week, Anne Hathaway is supposedly being dumped on. No one can really point out why.
Back off Hathaway, fake news haters
Nobody spotted her at a Chick-Fil-A smashing a chicken sammy, getting a meal instead of thinking about WHAT ANTI-LGBQT ORGANIZATION THEY ARE DONATING TO! Hathaway DIDN’T walk up on the stage at the Oscars and smack Meryl Streep recently. She didn’t take a big shit on Betty White after her death, or publicly say that she viewed and liked a new Kevin Spacey movie.
So, why hate on her? Movie stars are people, folks. Real people with doubts, internal second-guessing, constant pause, nerves, and the rest of the brain’s ninja henchmen. Hathaway has put together a nice body of work, including big budget fare and Oscar-winning (she owns one of those) material. She constantly challenges herself and rarely makes an ass of herself.
Ezra Miller is choking people out at his creepy Vermont farm and his “Flash” prospects haven’t dwindled. Personally, I set off screen antics aside when thinking about a movie or show. I don’t need to be best friends with these people or identify with them on a personal level. They’re doing a job in an industry that I still adore. However, when it comes to Miller, I’d launch his talented yet extremely troubled ass into the sun.
Leave Hathaway alone. It’s not her fault that talent, good looks, and sincerity do run in that family. She is the best Catwoman to me, and made a sweet and real romantic drama with Jake Gyllenhaal called LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS once upon a time that doesn’t get enough credit.
What else is on my mind about the movies as Wednesday continues to die?
I don’t care if BLACK ADAM is big, dumb, and loud. What other damn movie are you looking for when buying a ticket there? It’s not REMAINS OF THE DAY 2 or anything. It’s a superhero movie that will probably be dissected across social networks, and throw some of that flame on Rotten Tomatoes because people adore self-sabotage. Yes, I’m a big fan of The Rock, but I will call one of his films a turd if it’s a turd.
Like his OG action star Arnold Schwarzenegger and his current movie BFFs Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds, he’s an entertainer with no care for awards or prestige. You know, that fake grab-ass noise that follows a polished indie getting all types of Oscar yearning three hours after its first festival screening ends. Dwayne Johnson just wants to show us a good time, offering audiences an escapism drug.
As long as BLACK ADAM doesn’t waste my time and show me a good time, I will approve. Some scribes just want to watch the world burn.
Here’s an idea for movie lovers. Pick out a movie that makes you feel good and makes the outside world suck less, and hit play.

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