Mick Jagger gives Crown Candy Kitchen a shoutout during Rolling Stones show at the Dome

Andy Karandzieff must have been smiling ear to ear last night at the Dome in downtown St. Louis.

The greatest rock n’ roll band in the world had just given his local eatery, Crown Candy Kitchen, a shoutout in the middle of their show–loud enough for the 60,000+ audience to get a reminder of where one can find the best BLT in town. Karandzieff, who runs the restaurant that his grandfather Harry opened back in 1913, was elated when Mick Jagger took a break between songs to inform the audience about his weekend trip around St. Louis: stops including The City Museum, Ted Drewes, and Crown Candy. Suffice to say, the Rolling Stones found their satisfaction.

Here’s the clip, shared by one of Karandzieff’s Twitter followers.

“We hung around town, we went to Crown Candy Kitchen for a bit, and we went to Ted Drewes. We washed it down with a couple of buds, and then we decided to go to the ten-story high City Museum,” Jagger told the sold-out crowd.

Karandzieff found the whole thing to be surreal, tweeting that “it doesn’t get much better than this.” I don’t think so either.

It’s one thing to have one of the world’s most legendary bands somehow sneak into your establishment without anyone noticing (Karandzieff didn’t recall seeing them or someone for them), but it’s quite another to have them tell the world about it. Let’s be honest, Crown Candy Kitchen’s bacon-stuffed sandwiches don’t need a teaser trailer.

Just about every morning of the week, Karandzieff fires up over a hundred pounds of bacon for the day, which will surely be reduced to an empty pan by the end of the work day. A day after the Jagger shoutout, nothing had changed.

Just another Monday filled with frying bacon and hot coffee. For someone like me who spreads out a single POUND of bacon for his bacon-loving son once a week, I can only imagine frying 120 pounds of it. But when you pick up the BLT from CCK and bite into the monstrous meal, only smiles will be had. There’s rumored to be around a pound of bacon put on one single sandwich, so you know right there that the very-skinny Jagger must have gotten some help in finishing that thing.

It’s not a secret to say that every local mom and pop shop needs all the push and publicity they can handle at the moment. With most STL eateries unable to hire workers, adjusted hours and unsure futures fill the air as the season switches from summer to fall. While I shared regret about not making it out to see one of my favorite bands, possibly for the last time, I found solace in the fact that a few local classics got some free advertising.

It was a sublime evening for the band, still kicking off tours as they close in on 80 years of age. Sunday night was bittersweet in a potent manner, with the Rolling Stones starting off their latest tour in St. Louis, the first without their longtime friend and drummer, Charlie Watts. He passed away earlier this year, which made the latest concert extra special. Couple that with the adventures they had over the weekend in our town, and one can say most will never forget that evening at the Dome if they were so lucky to be there.

Now, head on over to Crown Candy Kitchen and find out what Mick is talking about.

Photo Credit: Jeff Curry/Getty Images

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