Buff Off The Cuff: ‘Dune’ hype, Miles Teller drama, and my plan for world domination

Good evening,

Miles Teller reportedly won’t get the vaccine, so the entirety of Twitter will now prepare to stomp him out for the evening. While that’s happening, let’s talk about a few things that are important to me yet may just bounce off your head.

Look, I wish the “Whiplash” actor would get the shot, but it’s a much bigger problem than one actor. There are thousands, millions maybe, who refuse to get it, so I was done a long time ago forcing a pair of LIFE SAVING shots down people’s throats. It’s their lives, their choices, and they will deal with whatever comes.

All I fucking know is when that person who didn’t get vaccinated does get the virus-like Mr. Teller-they will understand how rough and awful COVID-19 can be. They will understand quickly why hospitals were overstuffed and nurses had to cry themselves to sleep at night after telling a family member they couldn’t see their loved one take the last breath. This isn’t hyperbole. Get the vaccine. That’s my advice. It may be the difference between a ventilator and just a rough day at home in bed.

Please, save your Dr. Fauci is a BLAH BLAH BLAH. The CDC is a lot more than just one doctor. I’d listen to them, the same you would with your own doctor.

Moving on, let’s talk about Denis Villenueve’s “Dune,” Warner Brothers Pictures big fall tentpole blockbuster. I’ll save you the plot-fans of the book have it memorized and can explain to you outside the theater-but let’s just say it’s “Game of Thrones” meets “Blade Runner 2049” with a little “Tron” thrown in for good measure. A young man, destined to be a hero and save his planet and stuff, you get the drift. Every other hero tale, basically. The only thing I know and care about is Villenueve’s track record and the cast. He doesn’t miss and gathering the likes of such a group: Timothee Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, GOD. I kid with the last one, but it’s a stacked group and a brilliant director. Take my word on it. (Half of you won’t even see it.)

Does Harrison Bader have to start every game once he gets hot for a matter of weeks? Let me scream this from the back so John “I love all the outfielders I don’t give up on and trade” Mozeliak can hear me–because we know he’s the one making the moves, not Mike Shildt. Bader is a 4th outfield. Legit MLBer, but someone who is wickedly streaky. Do you want to know why he had a great 2020 season? Because it was less than 60 games. His 2021 numbers: .719 OPS with a 92 wRC+ (which takes into effect, league and park averages, 100 is average). He’s gold glove worthy without an actual gold glove. He can sit down a few days here and there, easy.

Adam Wainwright starts tonight. One of the few givens this season is the beauty of a Waino outing. It has endured throughout a disappointing season.

My plan for world domination: More bacon, more cardio, and more sex. PEACE!

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