5 takeaways from the Academy Awards nominations: ‘Another Round’ cracks Best Director!

It’s spring in five days, and we finally have our Academy Award nominations. The show takes place on April 25, so that leaves plenty of time to dig into the list of nominees that came out very early this morning. Quick reflections on who got nominated and who was sadly overlooked:

Thomas Vinterberg being nominated for “Another Round” made my day. A wonderful Denmark film, also nominated for Best Foreign Language film, that is starting to find more eyes and attention as the last few levels of awards season are reached. How hard would it be to get someone to watch Mads Mikkelsen get drunk for two hours and ponder the meaning of life, the aging process, and if copious amounts of alcohol are good for the soul. It’s available on Amazon.

I liked “Mank” a decent amount, but ten nominations is a bit much. David Fincher’s depiction of a black sheep screenwriter raging against the Hollywood machine was well-done, but NOT that well-done. It certainly drifted from memory quickly. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ score is the most deserving part of that movie.

No Delroy Lindo nomination for “Da 5 Bloods” confirms the laughable oversight of multiple award groups. 2020’s most towering performance not breaking into the category is sad, because Lindo’s work was ultra-powerful, timely, and hit harder with each viewing. Spike Lee’s film wasn’t always the easiest watch, but Lindo deserved better. Rewatch that landmine scene and convince me otherwise.

*I will also lay a complaint for Ben Affleck’s omission here, but can admit that was a very big long shot.

Chadwick Boseman will win for Best Actor, though, and I don’t have a single issue with it. Talk about a performance to (painfully!!) go out on. Boseman’s Levi was tragically proud and bullishly ambitious, and the actor poured everything into that role. He gave it his all while battling Stage 4 colon cancer. He also dominated a movie with an outstanding cast, including Viola Davis and Colton Domingo. A film with little score and limited locations shined a light on one of cinema’s brightest talents. Boseman proved he was a movie star AND esteemed actor. He will win that trophy on April 25, and I hope his lovely wife or Ryan Coogler accepts the award.

“Nomadland” will dominate, but I hope “Promising Young Woman” shocks the world and steals all the awards. Emerald Fennell’s aged like a fine yet vicious wine, culminating with one of cinema’s most brilliant endings. You didn’t see it coming. I didn’t. Carey Mulligan didn’t. This film had the timeliness of a bull, the personality of a renegade creator, and a cast that knocked it out of the park with a bat flip to follow. Chloe Zhao’s on-the-road drama is a beauty, but P.Y.W is a rock star.

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