Buffa’s 5 Things: Rest in peace, “LouDog”

Let’s bypass the witty opening that, to be honest, may have you clicking out before any content is actually consumed. I’m just a boy, asking an internet skittle if they will be mine tonight. Allow me to export a few thoughts that are rattling around my brain. Some are heavier than others, but that’s life’s signature and most consistently blend these days.

Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” looks badass visually, seems detached furiously and graciously from reality, and stars the ever-reliable Dave Bautista. Right there and then, I am in. You don’t need to tell me a group of mercenaries are trying to rob a few money palaces in zombie-infested futuristic Las Vegas. This one has my attention. This trailer had me swallowing the red and blue pill.

While everyone is sitting on his head awaiting this HBO Max-released “Justice League” recut, I just want to see the guy get back to doing what he loves. Taking what Michael Bay does and making it look sexier. A year or six away from comic book previously held or fumbled creations would be wise on him. I only wish the guy the best possible future after such a haunted past. Losing your daughter to suicide should be permanently soul-crushing, at least in this father’s eyes. The fact that he climbs out of bed every morning to get dressed is remarkable. “The Army of Dead” looks legit.

Speaking of loss, a family pet’s end is the epitome of gut-wrenching. A couple of friends of mine (just good people) are dealing with a loss of a wonderful dog that should only be referred here to as “LouDog.” An animal that I got to bump heads and shoulders with a couple of times. A whole lotta love was what I received from LouDog every time, even if the imagination included a couple chance encounters. As a man named Tony Stark would say, part of the journey is the end. That goes for animals too, but sometimes it kicks the shit out of you. If you treat them right, they become equal family members.

There is no ivory tower. A pet is part of your life, if you’re doing it right. Losing one can feel as brutal as losing any other family member; yes, even a human being. That’s connection for you. I would give anything to headbutt my great late cat, Jack, right now. Have him literally shove his forehead into my nose, or lay on my laptop while I was on deadline. Life isn’t unfair, and one of the shittiest examples of that is losing a pet. They. Should. Outlive. Us. I write this as dogs and cats consume my room.

What is happening with the St. Louis Blues? I wouldn’t be the first person to ask, and that’s nothing against Craig Berube and his bunch of zigzag specialists. I can tell you, from a fair distance, that Berube shouldn’t be fired anytime soon. Like seriously, get a hold of yourself. Last year wasn’t an embarrassment, all things (COVID-19!!) considered. Just look at Hockey Reference, the easy to peel open stat site, if you want to take this Blues team’s temperature. Schedule and results. Outside of a four game winning streak, this team has been all over the place. No identity? Possibly. A shit ton of injuries? Oh yeah. Berube not looking his best? Probably. Doug Armstrong’s vest? Not as bulletproof as you may think.

You should go ask Dave, Laura, Curt, Jeff, Leah, or even the guy formerly known as Fabbri’s hair. They know more than me. Just remember this. A team without 4-5 of their biggest weapons doesn’t have a fighting chance at looking great, or even good most nights. Also, I miss Jake Allen and Fabbri. Like, what?!

Food shoutout of the week is Jersey Mike’s on Watson Road. Last night, I ordered the Club Supreme, and it was absolutely delicious. I could have eaten two, but I already slept like a brick. No wakeups. I passed out to an episode of “Breaking Bad,” and awoke around six in the morning to the jabs of my cat. Sandwiches aren’t hard to mess up, but when done right, it’s a day maker. It’s a small shop right before Crestwood. Go show it some love. The Big Kahuna is a fine option as well.

I am binging the now iconic AMC series, one that made household names out of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Vince Gilligan. It’s my second watch, and I’m enjoying it even more this time. Season 1, episode 4 carries one of the best endings of any TV hour. But the ensemble here is as strong as Mad Men, even if the world is more depraved in the desert.

Looking back, Cranston’s work is just utter genius. It’s like when Jeremy Piven walked into the scene as Ari Gold. Gandolfini as Soprano. Jon Hamm as Don Draper. Walter White was the network television launch of the anti-hero. It still plays very well, and I’m only in season 2.

That’s all. Thanks for staying and hug your damn pets.

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