Buffa’s 5 Things: Random Super Bowl 55 halftime thoughts

I’m not a fan of The Weeknd (no offense, not my kind of music), so let me use this halftime show talking about this game and experience.

Two things about Tom Brady. He can still throw absolute darts with seamless accuracy, and he gets help from the refs. I don’t claim to be a professional zebra wannabe, but I can tell you at least two of those big calls were bullshit. Some were right on, and the Kansas City Chiefs needs to get their act together on the fundamentals. 21-6 isn’t an easy hill to climb when Brady is getting the outside corner like Greg Maddux once did.

The commercials are pretty good, but not holy shit great just yet. The Tracy Morgan spot was very good and hilarious, but nothing has touched the de-aged Vince Lombardi speech cued to the Pearl Harbor movie trailer music. I was ready to run through a wall after three viewings. The Will Ferrell ad was good, but some of the spots were forced.

Something about a veggie tray and some kind of chicken wing that makes a Sunday truly Super Bowl-worthy. I lack both of those things tonight, and I am a little sad.

My wife has been rocking some of the best tunes in the kitchen today. Black Keys, White Stripes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and all kinds of fantastic bands. She’s ripping down the 1950’s wallpaper and smashing old tile up; this is her peak comfort zone. My kitchen will look different by the time the first real heat hits St. Louis.

I love lamp. I kid, haha.

One more thing before I go. While Patrick Mahomes is down, he is never really out. I think (aka halfway hope) this second half delivers some thrills, because right now it looks like a Tampa Bay Buccaneer demolition zone. Can KC turn it around? I sure hope so. I could have been watching “Palm Springs” again. While I have you, please don’t forget about this wonderful movie currently available on Hulu and a few other streaming services. Seek it out after the game ends.

No matter who wins, all we can hope is that football fans win. That’s not me, so good for you.


Photo Credit: Ashley Landis/Associated Press

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